I Just Bought the Best Leather Sofa in Singapore

I am a new resident of Singapore; I originally came from Hong Kong, and just migrated because of my work as a computer and mobile add developer. So I rented a small apartment and began putting in some necessary furniture, but I am having a hard time in getting a sofa in Singapore, because there are so many great furniture shops that offer varieties of well-crafted sofas.

I am particularly looking for something with simplicity and elegance. I like to put a special piece of sofa in my tiny apartment, hence, I am leaning towards getting a leather sofa. But just like what I have said, it is really hard to but a furniture in Singapore. Not only because of the great catalogs from furniture shops, but also because buying a furniture, in particular, is really expensive. So I have to be really meticulous in choosing my piece.

I got tired of walking from shop to shop, so I decided to go online and continue to look for a possible best buy sofa in Singapore. Luckily enough, I traversed on a website that offers authentic designer furniture.

Their catalog boasts tons of sofa options for the buyers’ preference. I can order from a two-seater sofa and above. I have never seen such customization options for a sofa, thus, it definitely got my attention. And after few hours of browsing and enjoying looking at different sofa options, I think I finally found the best two-seater designer leather sofa in Singapore.  

What I ordered was the streamline sofa which is available in leather and fabric configuration, depending on the customer’s preference. After a day, my ordered was confirmed and the furniture shop has contacted me to personally check the sofa. And with no hesitation, I hurriedly went to their showroom to personally check the quality of my pick. And the item did not fail my expectations, as it comprises all the specifications I was thoroughly looking for a piece of sofa furniture. Not to mention that the sofa is authentically design and crafted by Danish designers. I feel, I got an expensive jewelry.

After a few discussion and paper signing for the purchase, the furniture shop delivered the sofa to my small apartment. I got a bit nervous because I thought it would not fit my tiny living room, but thankfully, it fitted perfectly. Buying a sofa in Singapore is challenging, but it will be worth it when you finally found the piece you truly want.

There are many sofa options in Singapore, but if you are looking to get a designer made that boasts luxury, design and quality, then I suggest you go to the furniture shop that I got in. Their wide catalog of home furniture will not bore you, as you browse deeper and deeper through their great collection. Plus, they also offer customized furniture, if you are into putting your own signature on your home item.

By the way, I am typing this while sitting in the best leather sofa in Singapore.


Avoid These During Home Renovation: Singapore Edition

If there is one thing I have learned about home renovation, it is that it could be both exciting and stressful. It requires plenty of time and extra care—sometimes even more than building a new home. While the thought of transforming your old space into a new cozy adorable space, there are a lot of things you should take into consideration and impulses you might want to avoid to ensure that you achieve the end result of your planned home renovation. Singapore homes can be a piece of work especially if you have space limitations and set budget you have to stick to. Although do-it-yourself tips on the Internet can be tempting, home renovation is just one of the things you have to entrust to experts especially if you have the least idea of the things you could be doing wrong. Continue reading “Avoid These During Home Renovation: Singapore Edition”

Partner with a Vet Clinic in Singapore

We totally understand why a lot of people would want to have pets. For them, having a pet is similar to having a family member at home. Aside that they can relieve people of the stress they feel, pets can actually be considered as a good company. Just imagine the comfort they can bring to people who live alone or to a family with a household full of children.

If you go around and watch videos online, what you would notice is that some family have pets because they want their children to be more responsible. Taking care of a pet not only teaches your children to be more caring but it helps in the cultivation of the concept of responsibility and discipline. Just imagine a five-year old taking out a dog for a walk, feeding a cat, or just playing ridiculously with some other pet. That could be really fun, right?

Here is What Else to Consider

Though we know that pets can be considered as part of the family, aside from the usual petting we give them, it is also important that we also take them to clinics so that they can have their checkups as well. Why? It is important that a family has this regular vet clinic they visit in Singapore so as to monitor the health of their pets.

You see, if one goes to a pet clinic in Singapore and ask them what good it would do to give pets a regular checkup, the professional who would assist the person would definitely say that aside that it will help detect illness early, it can also help benefit the owners for several reasons.

Here are The Reasons Why

We know that pets only live for several years, correct? And that even depends on how we take care of them. Some people rarely know that there are types of food that are not good for pets but due to lack of information, we still give them these anyway.

You see, there are certain illnesses that can be passed to humans. This only means that the health of family members is also dependent on the health status of their pets. Moreover, just imagine how stressful that would be to kids or to owners if the pets just stopped by one corner and are no longer as active. People who are currently living with pets can relate to this, right?

Aside from the usual checkups, a family can also be guaranteed that they can be given the proper diagnosis and prevention of health problems. Not only that, aside from treating and preventing of potential diseases, they can even consult with proper grooming.

Can I Afford This?

Given that you really want to take care of your pets, the next consideration here would be the budget. We understand that it may be an expense but come to think about this, taking pets to clinics can prevent bigger costs in the future should they acquire diseases that are not treated early on.

Do not worry about the costs as clinics do not charge that much.

6 Important Things to Remember Before Buying a Mattress

Before buying a mattress, there are a lot of things that you need to know to make sure that you will be purchasing a mattress that is perfect for your needs. With a lot of options that you can find from different stores, it can be confusing which one you should choose, below are some of the important things you need to remember before adding a mattress into your cart.

Know what you need

One of the first things you should remember doing is to know what you need. Keep in mind that you will be buying the mattress for you to use which is why you need to think about what mattress will make you and your body to feel better. Find out if you need a special type of mattress like memory foam bed mattress, orthopaedic mattress, or a natural latex mattress in Singapore. There might be popular types of mattresses that you can find but not because it is popular doesn’t mean that it will also be a great choice for you.

Do your research

As stated above, there are different types of mattresses, which you need to research about so that you will know their differences. Find out the pros and cons of each type and figure out which you think is the best for you. If you already know what type of mattress you should buy, the process of finding a mattress will be easier and faster.

Set a budget

When you visit a mattress shop in Singapore you will be able to find a lot of mattresses that are available in different prices. The prices of mattresses differ because of its quality, type, brand, and other factors. Setting a budget will avoid you from overspending and it will immediately narrow down your choices, which means you can choose a mattress faster. If you set a budget, make sure to stick with it because you will be able to find a mattress that is right for you whatever budget that you have.

Buy from a reputable store

There are a lot of physical stores and online shops where you can purchase a pocketed spring mattress in Singapore or other type of mattress that you prefer. Just make sure to purchase from a reputable store so you will have a peace of mind that you will get the mattress that is worth your money. You can search about the reviews or ratings of the past customers of a certain shop to know whether they are selling high quality products.

Shop around

One of the common mistakes of mattress shoppers is that they rush into buying the first mattress they liked. This is a mistake because there are a lot of products that you can find and you must able to see the other products first before purchasing. It is recommended for you to shop around until you are already decided and contented with your choice before buying it.

Consider comfort

The main purpose of using a mattress is for us to feel comfortable while sleeping or lying down. It is the reason why you obviously need to consider the comfort of the mattress that you will buy. If it is possible, try the mattress first before buying it or if you will buy online, ask if there is a trial period so you can return the product if ever you are not happy with it.

4 Tips to have Unique Corporate and Business Gift Ideas in Singapore

Throughout the years, corporate and business gifts had become part in business practices across the globe. This has served many purposes and gave many advantage for company’s branding and image. But since it is becoming more and more popular around the world especially here in Singapore, the challenge to have a corporate gifts that would standout became more and more competitive just like the fast evolving modern marketing strategies.  To help you with this dilemma, here I have listed 4 tips for gender neutral branded corporate and business gifts and ideas for your clients and partners that you might want to try in Singapore.

Pampering Gift certificates

  • Gift certificates is a very versatile kind of corporate gift you can give in Singapore. You can give them certificates like those which can give them relaxation like a spa certificate or a salon gift certificate to pamper themselves. Well, it is very common for people now a days to be super stressed and exhausted due to long hours of work. They would really appreciate and remember your gift if you could give them some time to relax and get away from all the deadly deadlines and stress from the corporate responsibilities.

Give them a little bit of Humor

  • Putting a little humor on your premium corporate gifts is also another way of giving creative and unique corporate gift. Items like coffee mugs or any other simple items, especially those that could stay in their offices, would really look special if you put a bit of effort in putting humor in it. A little reminder to not take themselves seriously might light up their day. Who knows right? Making them feel that you really think about them and the gift that you gave them is already a big thing for them. They will surely remember you for that. So better start thinking about phrases that you think are perfect for them then just grab a simple item and go ahead customize it to some trusted shops of corporate gifts here in Singapore.

Items that are useful outdoors

  • Aside from gifts that could stay in their offices, you can also give them business corporate gifts from Singapore that are useful outdoor. For example you can give them tumbler or water bottles if you think that they are the kind of people who likes to break a sweat since there is a growing trend about staying healthy and being in shape. Or maybe you should try giving them convertible umbrellas since the weather is constantly changing. Also, umbrellas are useful for both sunny days and rainy days, so it is a safe bet item. You can use trends or conditions like that to make your gifts timely and useful for your clients, partners and consumers. Just don’t forget to look around.

Anything they can easily carry around

  • If you think that your receiver is always on the move, try giving them something that they can easily carry around but is still useful to them. Singapore premium gifts like a classy looking pen or notebook could go a long way in keeping your bond strong. If your item could accompany them wherever they go, that gift could undoubtedly do so much not just for them but for you too. But please be reminded that this kind of gift is a bit tricky because this needs to be something that would not make them feel embarrassed carrying around. This means that you should not only pay attention to the usefulness of this kind of business gift because the aesthetic will also be a great factor with this items.

No matter what kind of gift you are giving to your partners, co-workers, or clients, always put in mind the usefulness, practicality and uniqueness of your items in order for you to standout and get noticed.

Source: http://happybananablog.jigsy.com/entries/general/4-tips-to-have-unique-corporate-and-business-gift-ideas-in-singapore

Smart Ways to Stay Healthy and Enjoy a Long Life

In this modern day and age, people are driven, propelled and inspired to move forward in life against all odds in spite of all the pesky problems and pressing predicaments that they face in and out of the workplace because they do not want to see the look of disappointment in their parents’ eyes as well as the malicious grin of satisfaction in the face of their harsh haters. Therefore, it is but natural that people are bending over backwards in their respective careers, pushing themselves past their limit and setting the bar high for themselves so that they can hit their targets and soar to great heights while they are still at their peak and they have the strength and energy to do so. But the ambition that can take them to the apex of success can also lead them downward to their own self-destruction as they hit rock-bottom because more often than not, people are willing to risk anything for the sake of their highest goals and biggest dreams in life.

Sadly, a lot of workaholic and career-driven individuals in cutthroat and high wire industries are just a few steps from the edge and on the brink of breaking down not just physically and mentally but also psychologically and emotionally because they fail to take care of themselves properly. Instead of seeking immediate help from health professionals for their nail infection and other concerns all over their battered bodies that are silently screaming for respite from the agony, these people stubbornly shrug it off and let the pain slide down their back because they are obsessed with their jobs and they feel that every minute away from their desk is wasted time. But if they do not mend the folly of their ways and learn how to listen to signs and signals that are telling them to take a big break and a well-deserved timeout, they will surely collapse under the tremendous weight that they are carrying on their weary and aching shoulders.

Therefore, when symptoms and problems persist, they should schedule a fungal nail infection treatment immediately so that they can get to the root of the problem and nip it in the bud so to speak before it grows into something more serious and sinister that is harder to cure. Health is wealth and they can never put a price tag on their own life, welfare and safety therefore they should take care of themselves inside and out before everything is too late and they run out of time because the clock is ticking and hanging ominously  over their head. With that said, they should make the necessary changes that will improve their overall health and prolong their life expectancy.

Aside from going under the knife for pact therapy for fungal nails so that they can stand on their own, two feet once again and move forward in the right direction, people should also change their diet because they are what they eat as the old saying goes. They should also exercise regularly so that they can sweat out the toxins coursing through their veins, burn the excess fat all over their body, improve their cardiovascular endurance and circulatory system as well as strengthen their muscles from head to toe. Last but not the least, they must rest at the end of the day and get enough hours of sleep at night so that their mind and body can heal and recuperate from all the hard work.

Pros & Cons of Prepaid & Unlimited Mobile Broadband

Internet is truly a necessity nowadays, and indeed, no-one can begin their day without it. Because of cutting-edge technology, internet connection while on-the-go has become made easily accessible and economical to everyone. However, the question that stays now is whether they should opt for unlimited mobile broadband which is under a binding contract, or to just go for a pay-as-you-go broadband service that allows the user to opt out at anytime. Both have their pros and cons, so let’s take a look at them to help you decide what’s right for your needs.

Prepaid Mobile Broadband

The Pros:

• Pay only for the services you need

Ideal for frequent travellers or for those who just want to get more value out of their hard-earned bucks, prepaid mobile broadband allows for the flexibility of letting you pay only for what you need. It lets you work on a budget that you have set and allows you to change your mobile broadband plan as often as you’d like. For instance, you might just want basic surfing for this month which would use up about 2 to 3 GB of data, and in the next month, if you want to upgrade to a higher data usage allowance, you are able to do so without any contract changes or penalties. Aside from the data allocation purchased for regular internet usage, you can top-up data on your favourite chat apps to make sure you are always connected to your social circles, no matter what.

• Long Expiry Dates

You don’t need to worry about the value of your account expiring; prepaid mobile broadband credits have long expiry dates, allowing you to go as you please. And when the expiry date is nearing, a simple top-up can prolong the duration of the remaining data available.

The Cons:

• Disconnection once amount is used up

The only disadvantage of prepaid mobile broadband is that you always need to top-up to make sure that your service is never discontinued. You always have to look for nearby retailers who sell prepaid top-up cards, or better yet, always be ready with a few in hand to avoid being disconnected.

Unlimited Mobile Broadband

The Pros:

• Unlimited

Unlimited mobile broadband plans takes out the worry of your data allowance being used up. You no longer have to subconsciously monitor your usage and fear that your prepaid credits will run out. There is no need to go out to buy prepaid cards to top-up. One price is all you need to pay once a month for unlimited internet access that allows you to do anything.

• Some of the best promos are available only for contract subscribers

Promos, for example free devices or discount rates on newly-released products are usually available simply to contract subscribers. Payments are dispersed out on the time period of the contract, allowing the consumers to own high-end devices bundled with ultra-fast broadband at affordable prices.

The Cons:

• Contract

Unlimited mobile broadband plans usually bind the subscriber to a contract for a year or more, depending on the provider. Termination prior to the contract ends will incur penalty charges for the consumer so it is best to carefully think things through if you are willing to stick to the same plan and provider for a long period of time