Delicacies of Singapore

Tried our Laksa soup. It’s delicious! 🙂


From Chinese, Malay to Indian food, Singapore has it all. Singapore is even one of the few countries where you can get cheap and delicious food without even having to spend $10 for a meal. With Chinese populating 74% of Singapore, Malay 13.3%, Indian 9.2% and other 3.3%, it’s obvious why Singapore has so many different types of food.

Hawker Centers

In a nut shell, there are two type of places you can eat in Singapore. The first being the hawker center and the second, restaurants. Say you’re a tourist and this is you’re first time your coming over to Singapore, you’ll obviously wouldn’t go to the restaurants, cause I’m sure you have it in your own country. So why not be Singaporean and eat like them?


With over 50 to a 100 stalls all lined up for you, it’s not the duration of you eating the food, it’s the duration of you…

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