Kids Party Themes are Trending

It is the childlike mind that finds the kingdom.

Kids Birthday Party Planner

As Kids Party Planners, PartyTots aims to stay afloat the trends in the kids party space. In planning Themed Parties for kids, it is crucial that we understand what is ‘in’ the now! What we do at PartyTots is study the local youth culture through events, kids television, kids education, and other spaces. This will help us deliver the most accurate and satisfying party experience for your little one

Super Soccer Party


Our Super Soccer Themed Party is a HUGE hit with the kids, both young and old. As soccer is a trending sport all over the world, it is no wonder why we receive so many requests for this ONE-OF-A-KIND party!

We work with our partners over at Tinytots Sports to organise a fun and action packed 2 hours.

Better yet, we can also organise tournaments for older kids parties – which will really get their competitive spirit flowing.

Royal Princess…

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