What Else Do We Have To Know About Eyeglasses?

eyeglass in singapore

Not everyone is aware but eyeglasses are also sometimes referred to as spectacles. Yep, these are the lenses we see in the frame of our eyewear.  And here in Singapore, people from all walks of life, as you may have observed, wear them on all day long. Do not be surprised if you see a lot of people in Singapore wearing their own spectacles as they may use them for different functions and purposes; men, women, the young and the old.

For one, you may have chanced upon a spectacle shop in Singapore around the corner and have even thought of buying one for your self. But before you make that important purchase, here are some things you need to consider and some information that may help you out in choosing the best eyewear for you. And if you are planning to forego on reading this article and would rather buy that cheap eyeglasses you see in every drugstore, we highly suggest you rethink your decision and not let yourself be ignorant about relevant matters about protecting your precious eyes.

  • For what purpose? There are people who are not really in need of an eyeglass per se, but would rationalize that a good eyewear would probably complete their preppy look for some specific days. There is nothing wrong about this as long as you consult first with your eye doctor if this may have any serious repercussions in the long run. Even for those who only want one to function as just their reading glasses, it would still be best to figure out first if the reason behind your purchase will not be of any harm later on.
  • What does the optometrist say? The good thing about consulting your eye doctor first is that early detection of eye disease at their early stage—like glaucoma or astigmatism—may be treated if caught on the onset. If you mindlessly buy one without first asking an expert’s advice, you might end up having splitting headaches and worst, painful eye strains. Normally people below 40 years old are not advised to wear one but to be sure of your eye needs, visiting your doctor for consultation will give you a clearer and more precise analysis and diagnosis.
    Often, there are corrective lenses for people who are nearsighted or farsighted and only someone who has enough knowledge about these things can help you out.


  • What is the shape of your face? While function before style is still the best mantra in choosing any eyewear, some people really want to look fab and trendy. If you are one of those, know first if your face is rounded, oblong, square, or whatever else. Not all eyeglass frame may look good on the shape of your face so make sure you try them on first before purchasing. Your eyesight may have improved, but if people see you as a fashion victim, that might not make you feel so good after all. Anyway, take as much time as you want in choosing the best frame and there sure are a lot of options for you.  Spectacles and frames come in different colours too.
  • Dual purpose? There are eyeglasses who can function as sunglasses too. Cool, right? Purpose duality is not something we often expect from the eyewear that we buy. Ask the store for photochromic lenses, which can protect you from the harshness of UV rays when exposed in the sun; they darken automatically as the scorching sun hit the photochromic lenses. Never heard of that? Well, now you have another thing to keep in mind.



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