Advantages of Using Portable Wifi Router During Travels

wifi router travel singapore

Stay connected during your travels. Make sure you don’t miss out on important updates from your loved ones even when you’re away from home. With the help of a portable wifi router device, you no longer have to be limited to a free Internet connection. You can check your email or get some work done. Anywhere you are, you have access to fast Internet.

If you have been using tethering from your phone, then you probably already know how challenging this can get. You have to rely on your mobile phone so you can connect your other devices, even your laptop. And if you’re not careful enough, charges can go out of hand.

This is why you need to consider getting a pocket wifi device instead. It’s convenient and money-saving too. Let’s talk more about these advantages on this post.

Fast Internet Connection

When you get yourself a portable wi-fi device, chances are you’ll be enjoying greater download and upload speeds than when you’re using a public wi-fi. While the speed can vary depending on the location and the number of devices connected, it’s a lot better than sharing a connection with countless people. Add to that, you can keep a peace of mind knowing you have your own Internet on the go.


If you’re relying on public wi-fi, then you can’t expect to stay connected for free at all times. You may find yourself working in a coffee shop, which, in turn, adds up to your expenses. On the other hand, if you have your own wi-fi router, you can go online anywhere you are, anytime you need to. And you need not search the entire area you’re in to get a decent connection. You already have it, right in your pocket.

Longer Battery Life

If you’re counting on your mobile phone to get connected, you may find yourself chasing after battery life.  And while you can carry portable chargers with you, it is not always as convenient simply because you have wires all over and you’re looking after several devices.


Data roaming charges can end up costing you a fortune, without you knowing it. With a wi-fi device, you don’t have to worry about fees you’re incurring. You only need to check if the countries you’re visiting are covered by the service. Afterward, you can compute daily fees provided by the wi-fi rental company. If you are, for instance, getting your portable wifi router personally while in Singapore, then you can keep the device with you as you travel to neighboring countries. Then as your trip ends, you can choose to return the device personally or via courier service. It’s a one-time transaction for a long-term use. You can even see about monthly deals to enjoy lower rental rates.

If you can’t afford to not go online during your travels, then be sure to inquire about portable wi-fi. If you’re in Singapore, by any chance, good news because wi-fi rental is easy to find in Changi. Go look it up online now and stay connected longer, faster, and cheaper.


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