Top Ideas For Outdoor Parties

Ready the Tools and Equipment Needed: Must you rent some outdoor umbrella, chairs, and tables, do it as soon as you completed your guests’ list and invites so you can pretty much estimate the number of pax that will grace your event.

outdoor party

Hosting an outdoor party is very exciting and is filled with great possibilities—and little can be said in comparison to an indoor one where your guests are limited to mingle,  perhaps in the dining or living room areas only.

As the natural space outside becomes a blank canvas of opportunities to paint beautiful memories, endless ideas can be poured in planning the outdoor party you have in mind. Take this chance to prep your backyard with some lovely trappings and decors—and imagine your guests also take their time to appreciate the scenery and the fresh air outdoor. Just the thought of it gives you beautiful visions of your friends and families filled with laughter and lively spirits as everyone enjoys a day with the sun, right? Here are more ideas and some reminders for the outdoor party you have been dying to throw for your loved ones.

    • Unleash Your Crafty and Creative Side: Have a theme in mind and from there, begin to visualize and list the little pieces of details that would make up the whole outdoor party. You need a piñata for a child’s birthday? Make one. There are a lot of DIY now on youtube to help you through.  Since this is an outdoor party and you’d be probably taking everyone in the garden area, make sure your flowers and greeneries are well arranged too. Take out those fresh cuttings out of art colored papers, cartolinas, felt papers, etc to decorate the place. Don’t forget to print a good banner that will serve as a welcome signage to your guests. Balloons are always a good idea too especially if this is an event to celebrate someone’s success or simply if someone turned a year older. Whatever it is, make sure you let your creativity be put into practice as you make this outdoor party your best one to date.

  • Barbecues for Everyone:  Everyone loves something grilling—be it be a burger, kebab, or some piece of red meat. Barbecue parties are often laidback—and you can always ask a friend to help out in grilling (or better yet hire someone to man the grilling station as you might not want to smell like smoke as you entertain your guests).

  • Ready the Tools and Equipment Needed: Must you rent some outdoor umbrella, chairs, and tables, do it as soon as you completed your guests’ list and invites so you can pretty much estimate the number of pax that will grace your event. Since weather can also be sometimes unpredictable, why not also rent some tents just in case it rains or just in case you scheduled your party at that time of the day where everyone can be roasted with the scorching heat. Emma Lim, a veteran in hosting outdoor parties for her kids shared some pro-tips in hosting outdoor events, “ Since my backyard does not have some fancy gazebo I usually settle for tentage rental here in Singapore that makes my party looks like one of those Irish and English outdoor gatherings I see on normally on shows like Downton Abbey. I get rave reviews from my friends because I turn such a  hot day into something so cool that everyone enjoys and even learn from. There was one time that the theme of my party was Victorian so everyone came in costumes with those little canopies and sexy long, daytime dresses. We always have a blast, and all of my guests go home with a big smile on their faces. Those things are priceless. Pure joy.”
  • Choose a Groovy Music: What’s a party without the hip and groovy sounds? If you are feeling more indulgent, hire a band or a DJ even. Depending on what kind of party you are throwing and the kind of people who will be attending your party, have a playlist ready to avoid teasing or getting booed on your own party if a very old-fashioned and tacky song pisses or annoys your guest. Music is the life of any party. So choose those songs wisely.
  • Tropical cold drinks: Assuming you are to conduct the party at daytime when the sun is still in sight, it probably would be best to never run out of tropical cold drinks to make sure no one gets dehydrated—and simply to match the vibe of a real outdoor daytime party. Fresh orange juice, watermelon shakes, pineapple cold drinks—surely everyone would love to quench their thirst with those especially if you serve them on tall transparent glasses like the ones you see on restaurants. Pretty classy, too.
    Side Bar:

If you are worried about the possibility of some insects or any flying little creatures inviting themselves into your outdoor party—and threatening to disturb and pester especially your little guests, you might want to ready some mesh netting materials to cover parts of your backyard where food is possibly served. You’ll never know so just be a girl scout about this after all this is an outdoor activity.

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