Product Review: ChattyFeet Socks

Monday Socks!


Chatty Feet Image

I recently received a set of 4 pairs of socks by ChattyFeet, and I am in awe of how different these socks are. Now I must say I am usually not a fan of colourful socks. You will usually see my feet bundled up in good old monochrome socks, but all that has changed since I laid my eyes on Venus, Sandy, Miko and La Diva; those are the names of the socks just incase you were wondering what I am on about, lol.

Me receiving this funky colourful pair of socks has opened my eyes to the beauty and fun in wearing colourful socks. I love the colourful and funny designs, and the fact that they have names is the coolest part of it. Life is too short to wear boring socks, so I am going to wear the life out of my playful ChattyFeet socks.

Here is what

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