Perks of Getting Singapore Tourist Transport Pass

Are you planning to visit Singapore? Getting around the city on your own is easy as public transportation is reliable. You’ll be able to manage with the help of signs posted around MRT and LRT train stations. Using the train and bus services also allows you to travel around the city the way locals do. What’s more, you get to avoid traffic and reach your destination fast. Make sure though that you get your own Singapore Tourist Pass.

What is a Singapore Tourist Pass?

The Singapore Tourist Transport Pass or ezlink card provides you unlimited travel through bus and train services on a particular validity period. Available in affordable prices, you’re sure to stay within your budget while exploring the city.  The Singapore Tourist Pass is all you’ll need so you can go from one destination to another.  You never have to worry about insufficient funds.

You can choose between cards that are valid for 1 or 3 days.  This is beneficial if your itinerary is packed during your stay. You no longer have to top up or check your balance prior each trip. You can save time and head straight to the platform to catch the train. Train stations can get busy especially during peak hours so it helps a lot if you can skip the long waiting time for the ticketing machine.

Perks of Getting Your Own STP

Once you have your own Singapore Tourist MRT Pass you can get started discovering what the city has in store for you. If you want to get more for your pass, then consider getting the Singapore Tourist Pass Plus or STP+. This pass not only takes you on an unlimited ride to buses and trains, it also offers perks you won’t get to avail elsewhere.

With the  Singapore Tourist Transport Pass Plus, you can enjoy free admission to the Chinatown Heritage Centre and the Singapore Sling. If you’re a culture and history buff, you’ll enjoy your time at the Chinatown Heritage Centre for sure. Here you’ll learn more about the famous Chinatown in Singapore and its colourful origins, way back from the first pioneers of Singapore. You’ll also discover more about personal stories of locals who have been living in Singapore’s Chinatown for so long. You will not get to experience this from walking on Singapore streets, so make sure to use your free admission to the centre.

For an  opportunity to indulge in a world-famous cocktail, go for the Singapore Sling too. Take a sip of your own ‘Singapore Sling’ while enjoying the scenery along the Singapore river.  Consider it a time to pause for a while and just bask in the beauty of the city.  You can avail your freebie cocktail at the D Happy Factory, which also serves both Singapore food and Western cuisines.

See, you get more from your Singapore MRT Card for Tourist than what you paid for. If you’re interested, you can purchase your own from various locations within Changi Airport. Ask the customer service if you need further assistance. You can also get your pass from D Happy Factory.  Enjoy your stay in the Lion City!


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