Have a Smashing Time in These Sweet Spots in Singapore


Because they are too caught up in their own careers due to the undeniable fact they want to reach the top of the corporate ladder, taste the sweet pinnacle of success, pad their bank accounts with gobs of cash and live the dream life in the best beach bar in Singapore, a lot of people are stressed out and are in dire need of a big break. With their personal concerns, professional worries and an assortment of problems in life weighing them down, these overworked people are on the brink of breaking down physically, emotionally and psychologically. And the worst part of it all is they neglect to spend time and have a close relationship with their friends and family and this goes especially true for parents who find themselves drifting away from their wayward and misled children because they rarely talk anymore.

If such is the case, they need to drop everything on their plate, take a few days off from work, pack up their bags and take a well-deserved vacation so that they reconnect with their loved ones, catch up on each other’s lives and strengthen the tie that binds each and every one. But instead of visiting Paris to go on boring guided tours in old museums and art galleries or going to the desolate deserts of Africa where there is a great chance of getting mauled and eaten by wild animals, they can go to Singapore where the fun never stops and everybody can have the time of their life.

Aside from going to the finest beach restaurants in Singapore where they can soak up the sun, work on their tans, enjoy tropical drinks and eat some exotic cuisine, tourists and visitors can do a lot of things in the Lion City of Southeast Asia. Aside from city tours around Marina Bay, Little India and Chinatown in comfortable and air-conditioned buses courtesy of knowledgeable, entertaining and friendly guides, movie fans can also visit Universal Studios, enjoy the high-tech rides and attractions as well as a wonder in amazement about the intricate beauty and different aspects of filmmaking.

And for those who love animals, they can visit the renowned and famous Singapore Zoo which is the best rainforest sanctuary in the whole, wide world. This zoo has an assortment of exhibits, attractions and geographically specific zones that make people feel that they are visiting different places around the globe. From the big cats of Africa like lions and cheetahs to the lovable koalas and kangaroos from the Land Down Under, everyone will surely have a blast especially little kids who love to feed and cuddle next to these adorable creatures.

And for the budding ornithologists out there, Singapore is also proud of Jurong Bird Park which serves as the sweet home and safe haven for different kinds of birds like trained cockatoos, colourful parrots, majestic eagles, cute penguins and graceful flamingos. After everything has been said and done, the whole family will surely have a smashing time and feel closer to each other after a wonderful trip to Singapore.


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