Tips for Choosing Crystal Trophy Design


Trophies have long been used to express gratitude and praise for a stellar performance. Be it in competitions or among employees, trophies make recipients feel valued and appreciated for their hard work. The team distributing the awards, on the other hand, show how much they recognize a person’s contribution. This is also one way to motivate more people to perform better.

Since every trophy is special, it’s only fitting for its design and overall appearance to exude elegance. You’ll have to decide on the look you want for the crystal trophy you’re giving away.  You don’t have to start from scratch as suppliers usually already have a product catalogue you can look into. All you need to do is choose from the available designs, but if you want you can as well have yours customized. Works better if you want your recipien to s feel all the more special.

Here are tips in choosing designs for crystal trophies.


Make it unique. Take a look at usual trophy designs and even those you have given away in the past. You might want to eliminate these trophy designs from your options and choose one you haven’t seen elsewhere. You want your recipient to feel that their plaque is one of a kind. Check out designs that can be connected to your brand or the type of award you’re giving out. Look into customisation options available as well. You can go for a colored trophy, for instance, if you have never tried it before.

Choose fonts that stand out and are readable. You’ll want the person receiving their award see their name right away. Hence, it’s best to avoid too fancy fonts that will be challenging to read. You may want to consult a graphic designer or at least your team members if you’re unsure which font styles work best together. Do ask the trophy supplier too if they only have particular fonts they can use in engraving the trophy. Limit the font styles you’re choosing to achieve a cohesive design that’s easy on the eyes. Here, you can take cues from sample designs or trophies that you’ve used in the past.

Be creative. Check out new designs released by the trophy supplier as you might find something that fits your requirements. Check out the services provided by the supplier too. You may be able to add a unique twist to your trophy just by experimenting with new engraving options. Let the supplier know if you have any design ideas, so they on the other hand can see about its feasibility. Professional trophy suppliers will know right away whether a design is possible to execute or whether you will experience challenges in the process.

Maintaining communication lines with your trophy supplier is crucial. You’ll also want to place our order way ahead of time. Reputable crystal award suppliers may be busy nytime of the year, especially with their long list of clients. You’ll want to ensure you receive the trophies in time for your awarding ceremony.  At the end of the day, quality should be your utmost concern because you want to make the person receiving the award happy.


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