How to File a Motorcycle Insurance Claim Part 1

Average motorcyclists really do not worry about on a regular basis, but most of them would agree that they have been involved in accidents, skids and even falls and injuries from other riders out there.

Riding a bike will get you closer to accidents on the roads. Unintentional swerving collisions etc. There will even be times where the bike you own or currently using will be vandalized randomly. These types of accidents and bad events are always not planned and unexpected.

While you may not have motorcycle insurance yet, you may have no idea how to file a motor cycle insurance claim.

But when the time comes that you will have to file a claim, you need to make sure that you already have an agent that will do it for you.

What To DO If Your Bike Gets Stolen
If in case you’ve gotten yourself into a very bad accident, make sure that you are safely off the road at that point. If you can, find yourself a safe spot away from the road so you can be safe from further harm. Call road assistance or any medical help like the local police etc.

When you are speaking with the other parties involved like the other drivers or witnesses, be calm at all times and do not start blaming people. There are a number of reasons involved here that you might have not seen. At this point, it is very important that you leave all the investigating and data gathering that is required to straighten out this accident to all the authorities and the insurance agencies that will determine the cause of the accident.

Document All the things You See
When you file an insurance claim for your motorcycle, if you want all of the different and technical processes to go on smoothly, they will need to get all the who’s, what’s, when’s, where’s and how’s of the said incident. That’s why, if possible, you need to photograph everything. You can always use your cell phone. Take photos of the damages to your bike, damages to you, and the surroundings you are in.

It is also a very good idea to take pictures of landmarks near you so you and the other people that will assess all these photos later will have a clear and better idea of where the accident has taken place.

If in case there are other vehicles and individuals involved in the accident, you will need to gather information about them as well like their contact numbers and insurance company information.

If there are more people and witnesses, be sure to ask them if they would be willing to share their version of the accident. And then ask for all their contact information.

If your motorbike was stolen, take down every detail you know that will be helpful in locating your bike, every little detail your bike has. Displacement, color, stickers, unique mufflers, chips in paint unique only to that bike etc. Be sure to provide all these information in order to help out the authorities in locating your motorbike.


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