How to File a Motorcycle Insurance Claim Part 2

We previously have talked about what to do when you will finally need to file a motorcycle insurance claim. On this article, we will continue to give more information about this process.

Call your Agent To Start Claiming Your Insurance
Once all the details from the first part have been collected, (these include all the phone numbers and contacts of all the witnesses and the parties involved in the accident as well as the photos etc.) call your agent to inquire how to file claims with your chosen motorcycle insurance company.

This process usually includes providing details about the accident or details about the stolen bike (which by this point, you may now have) When you get to call your agent be ready with all your insurance and motorcycle information. You will usually be asked standard questions like:

What Happened
If Your bike was damaged or was stolen
If there were people injured
If your bike (if not stolen) needs to be towed
If there is a police report and other documentations available

This is the part where all the data you’ve collected previously will be given to the agent. Give your agent copies of photographs and police reports. Even medical reports and other information you’ve collected.

For the vandalism insurance claim or stolen motorcycle claim, you will need to describe the scene of the crime. Give your agent information about the damages your bike has received. Or if it was stolen, give a list of other objects that was stolen with it.

*Also, id you’ve had custom work done to your bike, be sure to include all the documentations like receipts you might have kept.

How Do These Claims Work
Your agent will help you with the claims process, once you’ve already given all the important information about all the things that had happened to you and your bike.

The very first part of the claims process will be them inspecting the damage done to your bike. And checking all the evidence of losses. If your bike is currently being repaired, the claims adjuster will contact the shop and will then work with all the repair technicians to check all the overall costs of repairing your bike.

After all the necessary damage checks the “adjuster” will give your insurance company all the recommendations needed to adjust the costs. The adjuster will consider the costs and value of the bike before the accident. This is called “actual cash value”.

Once the adjuster has made all the recommendations, your insurance company will review all the causes of the accident then check your policy coverage. If in case it turned out that you were the one responsible for the crash or accident, your insurance company will discuss with your liability coverage.

After reviewing your available policy, your insurance agency will then offer a settlement for all the damage and handle all the paperwork for you. This includes all the medical payments and other things that are covered under your policy. The settlement will depend on the value of your bike and the cost of the repairs.

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