Our Future Depends On Healthy Oceans: How To Protect & Save it

Oil and Water

“It is a curious situation that the sea, from which life first arose, should now be threatened by the activities of one form of that life. But the sea, though changed in a sinister way, will continue to exist: the threat is rather to life itself.” — Rachel Carson, Marine Biologist

Humans are all connected to our environment. We have done a lot of atrocities to our Mother Earth for such a long time and until now, there are activities which have a great threat to the cleanliness of our ocean. If we continue to pollute our oceans, there’s nothing we could do for the next generations to survive.  Since the oceans are the biggest ecosystems on Earth, it is one of the Earth’s largest support for the sustainability of human resources. It goes without saying that life on Earth greatly depends on the health of our oceans.

Global warming is also one of the greatest threats that our ocean is facing today. The huge amount of carbon dioxide is not taken back to the atmosphere due to the greenhouse effect. Too much carbon dioxide will result in too much heat were trapped in the Earth’s atmosphere. Carbon dioxide also causes our oceans to be more acidic. The acidic oceans are not livable to our fishes inhabitant. Oceanographer, Marine Biologist, and the consensus of scientists around the world are doing the necessary things to do to fight Global Warming.  The diversity in our oceans is crucial for mankind. Our survival requires healthy oceans.

So, here’s my question, what would you be your share in saving our oceans? Here are a few methods. Dig in to read about how to save our oceans.

Plant more corals.

Corals help hundreds of marine species. In return, healthy coral reefs contribute to our economy through tourism, such as diving tours and inns. It gives a large number of occupations and can contribute billions of dollars everywhere throughout the world.


Marine Shipment: Clean And Maintenance.

If you know someone who owns a vessel that sails through oceans, or simply an advocate of clean oceans, you should inform them the importance of cleaning their shipment as well as a constant attendance, maintenance, and monitoring, especially their oil content. The oily water separators are utilized to guarantee that boats don’t release oil when pumping out the bilges. Oil water separator should be installed. The Oil Content Monitor helps ensure that bilge water doesn’t go beyond 15ppm.


Reduce your plastic products use.

One of the best reasons that we can think of on why you need to reduce your plastic use is that the oceans can’t recycle plastics. It will just add to ocean pollutants and make it more toxic. In addition to this, marine species often mistake plastic as a food and might lead them to die.

Be knowledgeable about the concerns of Marine Life.

The more you learn about the greatest threats our oceans that facing today, the more you can be aware of those particular problems, and you’ll be able to provide the solutions. Start by doing progressive tasks that can inspire a lot of people. Do a lot of research to locate the most eco-accommodating alternative.

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