Types Of Print Advertising


They always say that print advertising is still the best form of advertising because it has already been tried and tested for how many years already. Even with the popularity of the internet and social media, a print ad has still been proven very effective. There are different types of print ad, the most popular type of print advertising are posters and brochures. Given this fact, there are still a lot of businesses and agencies who thrive because of the number of poster printing jobs that they get and this is quite popular in Singapore, where companies love to use posters. Aside from this, there are also agencies that specialize in brochure printing, if you might have noticed, Asian countries are very fond of brochures and you can see this in countries like Hongkong and Singapore.

We cannot discount the fact that the internet is a great way to generate sales but we cannot also say that everyone has access to the internet. Let us just put it this way, you are meeting prospective clients and business partners and of course, you would want to leave your contact details, you really need something that is paper based. A calling card has always been printed on paper and it is still the best way to leave an impression on a prospective client because that is something that they can have and will eventually serve as their reference. You might also notice that a secretary’s desk is full of calling cards. This is still part of print advertising.

Earlier, we have mentioned the popularity of brochures; a high quality printed brochure can still be used as a way for companies to be able to showcase their products. Brochures can always be used as a form of advertising. They can be distributed anywhere, we all have that experience wherein we are walking inside a mall and there is always at least a group of people distributing brochures of their products and promotions.

Another type of print advertising that is very popular until now is, of course, newspaper ads. There are still a lot of people in the world who reads newspapers and most of these people are businessmen and those in the working class. If you are a company who wants to target a certain market, the newspaper is the best way to advertise your product. One more thing, most companies still use the newspaper for any job opening because it has already been known that if you are unemployed, the best way to look for a job is in the newspaper. The newspaper is also the best place where you can find good deals on second-hand items. This is also where we can see apartments and units for rent.

They always say that we are living in a global village because of the presence of the internet where everything is just a click away. But the tried and tested forms of advertising are still proven effective because not all people has adapted to the idea of advertising everything online. The print ads are still the best way to advertise your own product or company.


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