What To Consider in Organizing Events


Being tasked to be the one to organize a grand opening of an event may be more daunting and demanding than one can imagine. For one, there can be a thousand of things to find and purchase before the event itself—from grand opening flowers, the stage design, the number of event attendees, the food, the event program, the music, the invitation, equipment,  and more that are just too many lists.

On Flowers and Beautifying the Venue

Liza Lopez,21, a flower delivery attendant, shared her observation upon taking orders from loyal patrons who are events planner themselves, “I noticed how these very busy and meticulous clients can be very picky with the colour, size, type, and designs of these flowers that they are supposed to bring in the venue. As one of the known flower delivery shops in Singapore, we get different orders—and we often adjust to our client’s wishes even when we do not regularly offer what they request. For instance, there was one time that we were even asked to provide a grand opening stand. We did what we could because we always believe it is always good to be sensitive to the customers’ needs. The kind of arrangement that one will showcase in the event can actually make or break the event itself. No one wants to be in a party or a launch where flowers are distastefully chosen.”

On Food and Music

Miss Sally Shcwartz, 32, a professional events organizer, shared too how events organizing can be time-consuming but also rewarding to a point, “ I commonly handle product launches of big companies. You know what’s funny is that aside from being very OC about the design of the venue, I actually like deciding what food to serve to attendees. Maybe that’s because I know how people remember food they’ve eaten somewhere and talk about it later. The first thing to decide is will it be a buffet style event? will there be waiters to serve?  Or should everyone stand in as a server walks around with a big plate of small servings of tempuras? Will my food be strictly Asian, European? Or will I need some Mediterranean-inspired dishes? I also make sure to hire good bands and DJs to play during the program or else, everyone will get bored and leave early—no one wants to host an event that will just eventually stink. So, yes, I am very particular about the food and music.”

On Overall Logistics

Cynthia Lara, 36, who is quite a veteran in organizing her own company’s corporate events, also has a different take on what matters most on hosting parties, “It all basically boils down to overall logistics. What kind of signage will be used, where will the guests’ park, what equipment need to be transported to the venue, who will take care of the music, who will cater the event, and what kind of flowers are needed to give accent to the theme of the party.”

On Manpower

“It is always important to properly orient and debrief your team if you are into events planning,” says Joan Kaz, “How your team performs will reflect the kind of work you do as an events planner, ergo, as the master planner and leader of the group. It is necessary that your staff is flexible, confident, and can easily adapt to varying situations. You don’t want someone who is just too lazy to be part of a team. I normally fire people who act up during events. I don’t want unprofessional people on my team. They just pull everyone down”, added Kaz further.

On Documentation
If it is essential that the event is documented from start to finish, then someone should be in charge of the video coverage of the event. “A video coverage is often necessary for events like weddings where there is a program during the reception. And it also good to document for corporate shows so companies will have this as one of their monumental proofs that the company is reaching heights,” shared Anthony Kho, a videographer for a decade in Singapore. “Video coverage is actually is actually a trend now.”

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