Cloud Computing And Its Benefits to Companies


Not everyone in the world is familiar with cloud services is, the closest thing that comes into mind when we talk about cloud in the technological term is the i-cloud app that we have on our iPhones. For the benefit of everyone who is not that much into technology, cloud service is any service made available to users on demand via the internet. Another term that would actually be beneficial is the term “cloud computing” which just actually means computing based on the internet. This can go as simple as updating your twitter status, you are actually already cloud computing. Now let us take a look at how it impacts the businesses around the world. 

One of the benefits that the businesses can get when they apply cloud computing would of course be the automatic software update. When your business would decide to have this in their company, it is actually very convenient for them because most of the cloud computing businesses are offshore. Since most of them are offshore, they don’t have to worry about maintaining their systems especially security updates. By having a third party running system updates for the business, they would actually have more time to focus on the more important things that they need to do to run their businesses effectively.

Another benefit that businesses can get would be the convenience to work from anywhere. Once a company has a cloud computing service, they can basically work anywhere because you can work with whatever you have like a mobile phone. We are all aware that employees nowadays prefer to work from the comfort of their homes rather than waking up on a regular basis and drag themselves to work. What could be worse is that when employees are in the office, they have this tendency to slack off thus affecting their productivity. Changes in how employees produce results changed when some of the companies in the world started to adapt a work from home style of working. This definitely produced very god results when it comes to employee productivity. If the company is seriously considering having a work from home scheme, they must consider bringing in a third party to set up cloud computing for them.

For one thing, cloud sharing can also be very helpful in editing and sharing documents among employees. We all know that there are a lot of documents that needs to be shared and edited especially if your company is international. By having a cloud sharing in all of the employees’ emails, it will be a lot easier for them to share and edit documents among each other thus making the work more effective. This can of course impact team collaboration among employees and in return can be favourable for the company.

Lastly, companies can benefit a lot from cloud sharing especially when the worst things happen like having a corrupted file. With cloud sharing, companies can easily retrieve lost or deleted documents. Another benefit that companies can get from is that they can be ideal for businesses with growing or fluctuating bandwidths.


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