Three Tips to Stay Safe and Sound in Construction Sites


Construction workers, carpenters and other members of the working force or blue-collar community should be treated with tons of adoration and respect because they are the unsung heroes of the modern world as they spill blood, sweat and tears to build the foundations and pillars of developing countries. Without their hard work, perseverance and tireless dedication, we would not have hospitals where patients can be cured from their various diseases, courthouses where justice can be served as well as commercial centres where people can buy and sell their various types of products and merchandise. Without their invaluable skill to operate and fix mobile crane spares, there will be no towering skyscrapers in the heart of the metropolis as well as long and winding highways that lead us to our destination. 

With that said, construction workers should be heralded and highly regarded as important members of the community instead of being taken for granted because they are a social class lower than most professionals like doctors, lawyers, real estate developers, stock exchange brokers and what not. And although painting walls, laying down cement, hammering nails and digging ditches is not rocket science, these construction workers and carpenters should still prioritize safety first and foremost while on the job especially when the lives of people are on the line and at stake. Here are some safety rules and regulations that should be strictly followed to avoid fatal accidents and mishaps during their daily operations in construction sites.

Wear Proper Uniform and Attire

                Because they tinker with different kinds of power tools, crane parts and various kinds of heavy machinery like jackhammers, drills and backhoes, it is essential for workers to wear proper attire while working. They need to wear heavy duty gloves, utility belts, hard hats, work boots and protective googles as well as vests with reflectors in case they are working at night to avoid accidents.



Listen to their Foreman and Supervisors

                It is important for workers to follow the orders of their higher ups and leaders like foremen and supervisors because they hold the blueprint and they see the bigger picture. Micromanaging is important in construction sites to avoid miscommunication and problems in the long run and that is why everybody needs to be on the same page at all times.

Read Instruction Manuals and Listen to the Voice of Experience

                Sometimes, gigantic egos and machismo can get the better of these testosterone-filled men because they feel that they know everything, they are invincible and that they can simply play things by ear or wing it each and every day. When operating dangerous heavy machinery and power tools, they need to read the instruction manuals thoroughly to make sure that they know what they are doing. They also need to listen to the veterans and the older workers on site because they are the voice of reason and experience. Younger workers can pick up key pieces of advice and learn the ropes as well as the tricks of the trade from these older folks who have seen everything with their wizened and experienced eyes.


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