Why Marine Lifeboat Inspection and Repair is Crucial

If you rely so much on an item, you’ll want to make sure it stays in good shape all the time. Such is the case with lifeboats.

A lifeboat is a crucial safety device in any ship. It’s the first thing you’ll look for in case  an emergency occurs and you need to evacuate the ship. You will have to stay in the lifeboat until rescuers arrive the scene. In this regard, the lifeboat has to be ready for deployment at all times.


Importance of Lifeboat Services

Regardless the type of ship you’re on, lifeboat inspection is necessary. Think of lifeboats as a passenger lifeline. No matter how reliable your supplier is, you still need to ensure that your lifeboat will function properly by the time they’re needed. 

This is where inspection comes in handy. You don’t repair your roof while the typhoon is wreaking havoc. You’ll check for necessary repairs before the weather gets terrible. The same goes with your lifeboats onboard your ship.

Companies providing marine lifeboat checking can also take care of repairs. You will not have to call on another team for lifeboat repair. After all, you will only need to have the lifeboats inspected once a year. Ensuring that your lifeboats are working properly will also help you avoid any further injuries or accidents.


What You Need to Remember in Choosing a Team to Inspect and Repair Lifeboats

Several companies offer these services. But you need to be careful in choosing a team to trust. Be sure to hire only professionals in keeping an eye on your lifeboats.

An expert team can also conduct tests to ensure that you will encounter no issues when deploying the lifeboats. Your team also has to be properly informed how to safely evacuate the ship and then into the lifeboat. It’s also important to ensure that lifeboat manuals are easily accessible.

You’ll have new employees every now. Also, existing team members may overtime forget how lifeboats work. In this regard, make lifeboat drills a priority. You never know when your team can use the knowledge to save their or someone else’s life.

What Happens During Inspection of Lifeboats

It’s good to have your employees involved during inspection of lifeboats. This will help keep them updated on how lifeboats should be used or maintained.

During the inspection, every equipment or component of the lifeboat is checked.If your employees are also familiar with this, they’ll know how to respond to any sudden issues. For example, the release gear should be checked to ensure the lifeboat deploys properly. Hooks, interlock systems, and fastening devices should all be looked into one by one.

Get to know the lifeboat service and inspection company. Make sure their team is trained and fully qualified to perform the job. Apart from your lifeboats, your employees will also have to receive training under them. You count on the service team not only for making sure lifeboats you’re using are in good shape. You count on them to help ensure everyone’s safety.


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