Keeping in Touch Despite the Distance


In the natural world, people are genetically inclined to look for social validation, interpersonal assurance and genuine acceptance from other folks in the modern society because human beings are naturally social animals and they thrive in groups and families. And that is why instead of simply focusing solely on their professional tasks at hand, devoting all their time and energy to climb up the corporate ladder as well as channelling their undivided attention and focus on their goals in life, people also seek acceptance from their colleague as they try to make friends in the workplace. In line with these, researches show that calling app and programs like Kakao Talk, Viber, Skype and Facebook Messenger are highly in demand for millions of users around the world because they want to stay connected and in touch with their friends, family and other loved ones at all times. 

Therefore, many people especially members of the younger generation, spend so much time on different social media and networking websites over the Internet like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube because they want to stay in the loop of their social circles. This gives them the chance to share old pictures, home videos, funny anecdotes and personal stories with one another which will in turn gather likes and comments. This gives people a sense of gratification, fulfilment and social validation no matter how superficial and shallow it is and this will boost their self-esteem and confidence because they feel that people are interested in the information that they share.

But there are also other ways for people to connect with one another and keep in touch especially for those who are in long-distance relationships or for friends and family who live on different countries that are thousands of miles apart. People can now download free and user-friendly phone calling apps so that they can contact their friends and loved ones without driving the phone bill up through the roof. They can also conduct video calls so that they can talk for hours and see each other because there is nothing better than to see a familiar and friendly face and hear the voice of the people that we hold close to our hearts after a long and exhausting day.

And although it is a little bit outdated, old fashioned and considered archaic by younger people, sending handwritten notes and letters is sweet and touching because this means that the senders poured their heart out into the letter and took the time and energy to put paper to pen. But nothing beats actually spending time and being there with your friends and family because they are the people that make life that much sweeter and meaningful. And so despite their busy schedules and personal lives, people should take the time to visit their beloved friends and families so that they can catch up on each other’s lives, reconnect with bonding moments and spend quality time that will make memories they will treasure for the rest of their life.


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