General Idea of SEO For The Newbies

seo newbies

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the new battlefront. To the uninitiated, SEO are sets of digital strategies aimed at improving search engine ranking of companies or websites. Whenever a user or potential client enters a keyword to search, the company or organization’s website must on the first page of the search results and more preferably, on top of the list as relevant and authoritative. It is virtually a battle to be at the top.

And to stay there.

Which is why the SEO industry has grown in depth and breadth over the last few years and there is a rapidly growing number of SEO service providers like digital advertising companies, online search and social media marketing firms as more and more companies realize the terrain of competition in the new digital world. 

The SEO scene in Singapore is perhaps one of the more active and competitive ones in the globe today. A number of SEO companies in the area have evolved highly sophisticated services in maximizing website visibility and digital presence of their clients. Their services include content writing using bot crawls that help Google makes sense of your website and to rank it on search results. There is also keyword research which involves ‘manual’ interviews to understand a clients’ company and uncover keywords that competitors have missed out or never thought of. Other companies also offer on-page SEO where technicians log into client’s website too and make necessary changes to increase relevancy based on chosen keywords. This involves changes in site design for better content, improved architecture for better accessibility, and insertion of mobile updates which is currently an efficient optimization strategy. Off-page SEO services, on the other hand, prompts other external web entities to endorse clients’ website. Larger, more established SEO companies in Singapore also offer digital strategies for multi-faceted campaigns which are essentially a combination of online marketing strategies and services ranging from digital marketing campaigns, pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, conversion rate and aside from the usual web design and development.

Prices for these services also vary significantly from $200 to $3000 a month. This discrepancy in rates is considerable since the natures of services also vary considerably: monthly packages, project-based services, consultation at hourly rates and even monthly retainer’s fees. Recently, however, Singaporean SEO price models have tended towards long-term engagement between the SEO company and their clients. Performance-based SEO charge fees based on key performance indicators (KPI). For instance, if for 20-30% of keywords the client’s company or website on the 1st page of Google search results page in 3-6months, the company charges for its services. However, if KPI is not met, the SEO company will continue to do SEO for the client for free until it reaches its targets. In other words, these performance-based SEOs charge only when clients begin to rank to rank. And if a clients’ website stops ranking, they also stop paying the SEO agency.

As an alternative to performance-based SEO, there are revenue-based SEO which works on a commission basis that charges a certain percentage of the amount the company managed to generate due to their ranking. Whether performance or revenue-based, SEO services are considerably expensive and long-term since the benefits of SEO services usually takes years to reap. Part of the consideration and investment, therefore, is that the SEO company must use sustainable methods in order to also ensure sustainable profits for themselves and their clients.


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