Stop and Smell the Flowers Despite our Busy Lives

Because of the tremendous pressure resting on their tired and weary shoulders to fulfill their assortment of obligations and responsibilities at work and to their families, a lot of people are physically exhausted and mentally drained. Parents, acting as the tireless and dedicated breadwinners of their respective households, spend long hours in the workplace to earn meager salaries that barely cover their expenses and pay the bills. But they do so at the expense of their strained and failing relationship with their children who are drifting away from them because they rarely talk anymore or spend time together. Businessmen are also guilty of splurging on grand opening flower and festivities but they forget to focus on more pressing issues like customer satisfaction ratings and making sure that their employees are happy and content with the current working conditions. 

With that said, there is nothing wrong with working hard, going the extra mile and spilling blood, sweat and tears because it is highly commendable, gallant and noble for people to fulfil their roles as breadwinners for their family and live up to the expectations of society. But they should also take the time to stop and smell the flowers so to speak to appreciate the beauty of life with their own eyes as they spend quality bonding moments with the people that they hold close to their hearts. It is impossible to turn back the hands of the clock and reverse the flow of the sands of time so to speak and that is why people should make the most of the chances that come their way to spread love and good vibes to their friends and loved ones because life is too short for regrets and what-could-have-beens.

Therefore, husbands should get in touch with companies that over flower delivery in Singapore so that they can surprise their wives and make them feel like they are the most beautiful women in the world. They should take them for a romantic date once a week like they used to do when they were younger because this will make their relationship that much stronger and healthier as they reaffirm their love, devotion and unyielding loyalty to one another.

Likewise, parents should spend less time in the office and more time at home so that they can reconnect with their children who need them more than ever especially during the formative years when they are struggling to find their own identity, establish their sense of right and wrong as well as develop their moral values and principles. Young people need the wisdom, guidance, discipline and unconditional love and care of their parents so that they can make right decisions and face the myriad of challenges that block their way in reaching their goals and dreams in life.

In conclusion, people need to work hard and prove their worth in this modern day and age but they should also find it in their heart to stop and smell the flowers with their friends and family because life is meaningless and desolate without our loved ones surrounding us.


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