Before Saying Yes and Exchanging I Dos

wedding catering

Everybody wants time for themselves so that they can be alone with their private thoughts, discover new and unknown things deep inside their core and explore their innermost desires, fears, and dreams of life that they would not dare share with anyone else in the world. But after some time alone, they want to get out of their comfort zones to the best catering in Singapore, attend parties and go to different events so that they can meet wonderful people, make new friends and develop close ties and lasting relationships with the people around them. After all, no man is an island so to speak and people are naturally social creatures and that is why human beings thrive when they interact, mingle and live with their own kind. 

And if their stars align in the heavens above and Lady Luck smiles in their favor, they might even meet someone special that will turn their life upside down, make them fall head over heels in love and give them the desire to improve and become better individuals. Soon enough, if everything goes well and according to their carefully laid out plans, as they keep their relationships strong and healthy, they might even think about getting hitched as they start looking for that perfect white dress, inquiring about the best catering halal in Singapore and buying the perfect pair of rings.

But getting married and tying the knot involves more than just falling in love, exchanging sweet nothings over the phone and going out on date nights when they are not too busy in their individual careers. Couples need to think long and hard if they are ready to commit to a relationship that lasts forever because they cannot simply call it quits and break up once they exchange their vows and get married in the eyes of the law and the Lord Almighty.

And that is why before planning their big day and diving into the minor yet intricate details that will bleed their bank accounts dry for sure, lovers need to step back and honestly assess their relationship to determine if they are ready to make a lifelong commitment. They can do this by going on a romantic getaway without any distractions so that they can have long and deep conversations that involve sharing their dreams, fears and innermost thoughts and feelings with each other that they used to hide from the prying and judgmental eyes of other folks because they do not trust them.

And even if they are two consenting adults who are fully capable of taking care of themselves and making their own decisions, it is still nice to get the blessing of their parents before finalizing their plans and browsing through the wedding catering packages from the best chefs in town. They are fountains of knowledge and wisdom because all their years of staying together through the good times and the bad have made them experts. They have learned from their mistakes as they worked for hand in hand to stick together through the years and that is why their advice can certainly help young couples improve in their relationship in more ways than one.


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