Reasons Why You Should be Getting A Travel Insurance Now

Travel 3

There are so many rational and significant reasons why you should get a travel insurance now—whether you are travelling frequently or would only go on domestic or international trips on rare occasions. Your safety should always come first and that is the prime reason why travel insurance companies exist. Marga Shallom, who admittedly shared that it took her a while to get her own travel insurance despite being an executive of a travel agency who happens to go abroad several times a year, said she made a very thorough and long comparison of travel insurance firms before she finally entrusted her account to one company, “ The only time I changed my mind about getting a travel insurance was when my best friend had a major accident while she was touring Prague. It took her a while to contact us back home, and she was so scared to travel again. It was at that moment that I searched for all those brochures that were sent to my office and I started to compare travel insurance services.” 

You might think that a travel insurance is just some added bill you would have to pay every month—but you should know the reasons why it is imperative to get one. We have listed some important things to know about the benefit of availing your own travel insurance:

  • It covers a 24-hour medical assistance: A good travel insurance company should have, among its list of services, a 24-hour assistance that includes providing medical evacuations, funeral arrangements, ambulances, etcetera while you are overseas.  Monica Sawyer who has been holding the same insurance since 2010 shared, “ There was one time that I was in Vietnam, and I was run by a scooter while in Saigon. My insurance company made sure they find me a good hospital when I was temporarily confined in a public clinic and they took action as soon as they got a call that I had an accident. I would have never had a good medical service if the company did not assist me as I knew no one from Vietnam. I came there for just a week of vacation and I never thought I will be in such an unfortunate accident.”

And it goes without saying that beyond the medical assistance, your hospital care—bills, sudden surgery, room cost, or even emergency dental treatment, etc—should all be covered by the travel insurance.

  • It can reimburse certain cost of documents/cash in case of lost or theft: Another great thing about a travel insurance is that it can pay you back in case you’ve been robbed or mugged while on travel specifically if these are your passport, travel documents or travellers’ cheques, or/and even your cash. Imagine what a great help and relief it would be if all these can be reimbursed or replaced especially when you are financially incapable of doing it while away from home.
  • It can provide emergency accommodation and travel expenses: In cases when you were injured, got sick, or experienced getting trapped in an environmental disaster like flood or storm and you need to get home right away, the travel insurance would have to provide the necessary accommodation and shoulder all travel costs for you to get home safely. This should be one of the most important coverage of any reliable and trusted travel insurance.
  • In case of permanent disability: If you’ve been disabled while on a vacation, say, you’ve lost your sense of sight, or you are unable to walk because of a major accident , you are entitled to get a disability payment, which shall be paid to you for at least 12 months after you return home.

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