Travels and Rewards

Right now, probably one of the best things your boss can tell you to actually be more encouraged is that when you perform well, you would be given gifts, right? But we are already tired with the usual souvenirs.

Sometimes, when we do really well, we are given cash. That is so cool, right? Who doesn’t want that? But then sometimes you wouldn’t know how to spend all it right?

Other employers have already cope with the latest trend in travelling. That is why right now, they are giving away incentive trips. Yes, that is correct! An incentive is in the form of a travel package as companies nowadays look into the benefits of giving their employees vacation as encouragement

According to most studies and articles made by the.young professionals for fellow young professionals, travelling gives people  different perspective when it comes to work and gives them a fresher and more active approach towards work after their return.

In addition to that, travelling gives employees a sense of fulfillment. It adds to their confidence.

Now, if you would ask, why would travelling be so enticing to employees? First, you need to understand that if there is anything people want to do, that is to be off for a day or two from work. But that cannot always be given a chance. Why? Aside from paperwork that might pile up, they would need to ask for permission and they need to consider that they would need to seek for permission.  And even if they are able to file for a vacation leave, this is still subject for approval.

But regardless if their leave would be approved, they would need extra money to pay for the fare and other expenses. Well, though travelling can be relaxing, it can also be a bit stressing in that aspect. Thus, it becomes a frustration.

However, if employers could tap into that frustration and turn that into motivation, then not only they are encouraging employees to do better, but they are also giving them something to look forward to and once they are awarded with this, then they get happier and more rejuvenated.

So, if you are employer that seeks better binding, then this type of incentive program might help boost not just the performance aspect of an employee’s job, but may also improve the collaboration and team bonding.

But how do you do this? Of course, it would be difficult if a boss would just plan travels in his own right? Not just searching for your own flight and hotel booking might end up getting the most pricey tickets or reservations. It may also be a bit challenging to put together a travel itinerary. Especially, if the place is foreign to you and your colleagues. How would you know  where to go and how to go?

So, the best solution? That is to hire a travel partner! But not just any other partner, you might want to consider hiring the services of a certified travel agent. Not only they have the nose for discounts, they also can come up with specific packages that are affordable for you.


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