Advantages of cloud services

In this technologically advanced era, most of us rely on the technology and innovation of the devices that we use daily. For instance, we now save photos to our computers, and even cloud services and storage instead of making a physical album for it. We have been relying a lot on technology for the past several years and it does not seem that it is going to chance. This does not only apply to end users of different technological platforms, but also to its developers. Just like how servers work in terms of managing a website or application. The developers and administrators of these applications now have the option to set up a cloud server, which basically serves as the server of the application and instead of running in a local computer, it is actually hosted by several computers that are connected in the same cloud network. This process is commonly known as cloud computing, where all data storage, reading, writing and manipulation are done through a virtual network which is hosted by a cloud company. Here are the advantages of cloud services that many people benefit from: 

Accessibility – The ability to access your documents, pictures, videos, notes, and other type of files you store digitally almost anywhere. As long as you have an internet connection, you can easily retrieve the files that you need, save a couple of documents and access them later at home or at work. What is better is that you can even use a different device to access them. You do not have to always bring your laptop with you to get things done, since you can use a different computer to read the files that you have actually saved.

Reliability – When it comes to storage, a lot of us had benefit from using different hardware such as USB flash drives, external hard disks and even memory cards. But once a bad sector on a hard drive occurs, or let us say that your flash drive is lost or your memory card gets damaged, then it would pretty much be impossible to recover all of your files. But for cloud storage, even if your computer breaks down, your laptop stops working, and you just lost your phone, you still have all of your files stored in the cloud network.

Cost efficient – When it comes to cloud servers, it is relatively much cheaper and affordable compared to setting up a server computer that can store all your data locally. While for cloud storage, there are many companies and organizations that provide free storage services. But if you will be needing more storage, you can buy more data allocation for a very cheap price. The same can seen on cloud gaming. Instead of constantly upgrading your desktop computer to run the latest programs and games, you can just turn to cloud gaming where other computers in the cloud network actually run the game for you and you stream and play it remotely. Such service can save you thousands of dollars in terms of hardware upgrades.


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