Honoring the Unsung Heroes for their Bravery

In this modern day and age, there are different reasons why people get out of bed, endure the gnarly and heavy traffic of their daily commute and work themselves hard to the bone. The single people and young professionals devote themselves to their careers because they want to reach the peak of success at an early age and enjoy the finer things in life like designer clothes, technological gizmos, expensive jewelry and blazing fast sports cars from the makers of Lamborghini, Porsche and Ferrari. On the flipside of the coin, dutiful and loving parents devote their entire beings in providing a comfortable life for their family, keeping their loved ones safe from harm and securing the future of their young children by giving them everything they need including quality education in expensive schools.

And then there are brave men who enlist in the armed forces selflessly because of their unconditional love and tireless devotion to their country as they fight for the freedom of their fellowmen and spill blood, sweat and tears to protect their nation. But the cold reality and harsh truth of life is thousands of these brave soldiers die in the line of duty and are brought home in a casket thanks to the repatriation services offered by companies in Singapore and other countries around the world. Aside from giving them full military honors, a folded flag and a 21-gun salute at their funeral, these unsung heroes deserve so much more for their bravery and service rendered for their country.

Here are some ways that we can help these fallen soldiers and give them what they are due and not just the repatriation of their deceased body when they run out of luck and meet their untimely demise while on duty.

Take Care of their Families                      

                These soldiers are the breadwinners of their families and when they bite the dust and go to the great gig in the sky, their wives become widows and their children are turned into quasi-orphans. With that said, the government should take care of their families in case they die in the line of active duty by giving their significant other their paychecks for the rest of their lives. Aside from monetary compensation, they should also put their children through good schools so that they can enjoy quality education from kindergarten to college.

Start a Foundation in their Honor

                Statues and medals are nice but if government officials and the top brass of the armed forces really want to immortalize and honor the memory of their fallen brethren, they can start a foundation or other charitable organizations in their honor.

Give the Vets What They Deserve

                Veterans have given their life and so much more for their country but sadly, some of them are not given the respect, recognition and compensation that they deserve. Instead of treating them like senile, old men and second-class citizens because of their mental and physical health or well-being, it is about time that we give these war veterans and unsung heroes what they need and deserve as payment for their service and bravery.


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