How to Create Effective Social Media Campaigns

  1. When we talk about involvement.or world wide popularity, or maybe just being well known in itself, who would not think of social media? The more obvious question is: who doesn’t know social media?

Everybody today, even children, have their own accounts. For us, it is way to network with people or to grow our connections. As time.passed, what was simply a means to connect has now become a platform for almost everything: even for absorption of knowledge.

No wonder a lot of companies would like to take advantage of varying social media campaigns especially in Singapore. You see, social media campaigns have become an effective tool to make a statement and to catch people’s attention.

This type of campaign is an explicit coordinated marketing effort made use in order to reinforce a certain goal. As people tend to like them, the more frequent and varied they become.

However, before anyone can actually build a campaign wherein the platform is social media, it has to be talked about first. This means that it should be carefully planned.

So, what are the steps in building an effective, affective, eye-catching, thought provoking campaigns?

First, just like in any other project you need to create goals for your social media presence. Working on something with a clear vision is better as it serves as guide as to the step-to-step process in your.project. This helps you be on track in terms of time. Also, it helps you keep track of any progress at all.

However, you need to note that if ever you are going to adopt social media metrics, be sure that you focus on deeper achievements more than the number of views or shares or likes. These are good measurements as these will help you determine the total reach of your campaign but then, it would have been better to measure engagement. How do you do this? Maybe add to your goals reaching a certain number of referrals?

Second, monitor your social media following. Before you actually go ahead and get your plan going, try and check your multimedia analytics. Like, find out who are already connecting to you, the time in the day you get the highest number of engagement, and which topics are most talked about in your circle. This way, you will have a better grasp of a possible concept or ideas to pursue or consider during your campaign.

Third, after checking on your social media following, make your platforms better. Look at your account. Does the content live by to your vision? Would the image you portray actually align to your campaign? In order for your campaign to be effective, try and change it a bit. It is like conditioning the minds of your followers already.

Lastly, do not be shy to actually brainstorm with people who have been in the business longer than you. There are companies offering help in terms of conceptualising campaigns. They are easy to find and their services are very affordable too.


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