Travel Abroad Won’t Be Possible Without Preparations

In travelling, you got to meet people nearly everywhere who has been lovely to you. Locals who are extremely proud of their food. I have got to taste the weirdest delicacies that never in my entire life would have thought I could be able to chew and swallow. Frog, crickets, and turtle to name a few. Don’t get me wrong, that’s one of the amazing things I would never want to forget, and this one thing I look forward to in every place. Food has a reflection of country’s cultural and political history.

Travelling gave me so many memories to remember, and my heart leaps with happiness every time I had a throwback. There’s a lot of beautiful places that is waiting to be known. This planet has overwhelming tourist spots to explore. However, being free to travel the world should be possible a lot of preparations, one way or another. With this said, here’s a few tips on what to prepare before travelling abroad. 

Provide a checklist. We can’t memorize all the things you need in your travel at once, so if I were you better prepare a checklist. Writing down the list of things that I need to accomplish before travel on my little notebook, works for me. Gradually, I checked everything on the list and hasn’t left anything unchecked. My list isn’t arranged chronologically, though. I just listed them randomly, like buy new clothes, shoes, buy medicines,  going to the salon, and purchasing international calling cards for global calls.

Place your necessary documents in an envelope or bag. Your passport and itinerary are the most important thing that you need to ensure when you packed things. I usually placed them all together in a transparent plastic envelope. Plastic envelope, bag or any waterproof materials are a very good choice, as it prevents the documents to get wet. Also, just to make sure the documents are safe from any harm, you can have it scanned on your computer. This also ensures that you have extra copies in case of any loss.

Search about the place you are going to visit. Thanks to the internet, everything is available online even if it’s a million miles away. Travellers visit strange places. Places, more often than not, have different languages. I would suggest downloading an app that can you use to learn the local language. Research about their way of life and what are the things they have prohibited by law. Learning those things before hand can keep you safe during your travel – like getting a vaccine, for example, a malaria shot, in case you will be traveling to a less developed place. Also, by doing this, you are less afraid to mingle with the locals and have an interaction.

Make sure your gadgets are working. Get extra batteries for each and every gadget you have. You want your gadgets to be functioning all day. Since it is hard to find an outlet to charge your phone because you are always on the go, you have a backup. This would be a great help in case of emergency and your battery died.



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