Understanding the benefits of Virtual Reality

Since the advent of the digital age, our way of living has certainly changed to a more virtual, and some would contend, impersonal manner. Who’s to say if this “virtuality” has been creating a great divide among people when all that has been done by these new revolutionary, technological breakthroughs throughout the years is to make everything faster and more convenient in almost all the aspects of people’s lives?

Social anthropologies Maya Tribianni-Nadal has explained the impact of virtual reality to people in the last 2 decades, “Decades and decades back, when we want to send a message to someone, we use snail mail and it takes days, weeks, or even months for the person to receive the letter. Imagine how far we have come along today. We just e-mail people now wherever they are and with just one click, the person can read the letter in just a matter of seconds. No more buying of stamps, or heading to the postal office, all you need is a laptop, an internet connection, and Bam! Not only that, people  date online to meet their mates. They can have a relationship despite the long distance and even get married afterwards just by constant skyping to get to know the person. No wonder, cross-cultural marriages are now very popular and common. Even the corporate world now rely of video chats when businesses conduct meetings and presentations. So, on a scale of 1 to 10, I say we live in a highly virtual world undeniably, 9 over 10. I say give it some more years and even students won’t need to go to schools for their classes. I think some open universities are doing that now. People even work from home now. Did I leave out anything else? Oh, you can even shop online now. To answer the question if this is good or bad, well, I say, it depends on how you accept the changes of the virtual world. Personally, I think, if you know the limits, the virtual change can be pretty advantageous. You just have to go with the flow and try not to miss out to enjoy all the luxuries that come with it.” 

And virtual reality isn’t solely making its waves in the science and technology field, but even in the arts and music scene; it has paved the way for things to materialize.  For instance, in an article of Jeremy Torr, it was mentioned how vr and ar technology are now being explored in Singapore; it seems that the entertainment industry has been benefiting a  lot from it. “One of the hottest current buzzwords on the media scene is VR (virtual reality), along with its sibling AR (augmented reality). Both technologies are being enabled on increasing numbers of fixed and mobile platforms – just think Pokemon Go – and actively promoted by media pioneers across a raft of sectors. One of the industry’s new players in the VR entertainment scene is Singapore-based mm2 Asia. The company is an established producer of films and TV/online content, but recently ventured into the VR arena with a ground-breaking concert at Marina Bay Sands (MBS).The concert featured a variety of well-known Taiwanese and Singaporean artists including Dennis Sun, Kelly Poon and Kelvin Tan – but scored the distinction of being the first-ever 360 degree-immersive ‘live’ concert showcase broadcast from MBS.” The article of Torr was titled  Singapore pushes Virtual Reality boundaries posted at imda.gov.sg.

There’s more. It seems like VR technology will be enjoyed by kids today. “If VR has the potential to change the art and entertainment industries, it also has the potential to change the way children play. McDonalds’ introduction of the Happy Googles into the Happy Meal implies that VR headsets will soon become a popular toy for children, in the same way that the Bop It was so revolutionary many years ago. As parents, teachers and health professionals increasingly stress the importance of physical activity, we can only assume that tech companies will be finding clever ways to safely incorporate VR into physical activities,” wrote  Jon Lisi for livetiles.nyc in an article titled 3 Benefits of Virtual Reality

Even people in the medical field use virtual reality technologies to test their subject of study that are too risky to test with actual people The visual arts has also explored interactive means of creating artworks by using the philosophy of virtual technology. When we watch films, we are able to now enjoy 3D technology. And lastly, the virtual marketplace is also now promising, “Of the many advantages of virtual reality, this is perhaps a very interesting one. You can create virtual reality marketplaces. People can buy clothes, shoes, food, grocery and so much more by just wearing a headset and viewing them closely. They can observe them in three dimensions, choose them and look around as if they were actually standing in a store,” shared an anonymous writer of techtyche.com in the article10 Benefits of Virtual Reality.



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