Basics of ‘Giftology’ and Corporate Gift-giving

Corporate Gift

Amongst the many variables that determine any company’s commercial success,  one factor is often overlooked: customer relationship.

Of course variables like product quality, durability, price, and aftermarket services matter significantly but at the end of the day, companies that get out of their way to provide clients with feedback mechanisms or rapid customer service response are the ones who succeed not just in assuring customer satisfaction but also in building rapport with their market base. Expressing appreciation for continued patronage through simple gestures also establishes familiarity and solicit loyalty among consumers.

Corporate gifts and other give-aways are some of the simple but effective items that establish and nurture relationships with clients.  Who does not appreciate a gift during Christmas or Thanksgiving?  The gestures of giving has become a staple of corporate operations such that it has become an ‘art and science’ all its own. Today, special strategy of ‘giftology’ is considered a special commercial function and companies devote tremendous resources into this process of corporate gift-giving. 

There is a range of corporate gifts to choose from: shirts, coffee mugs, jackets, caps, pens, notepads, bags, USB, earphones, umbrella and an almost limitless list of simple items. But what is the  best way to choose the best corporate gift.

Of course, there are the basic considerations.

One, any corporate gift must be functional, something that clients can use regularly preferably on a daily basis. Research shows that this is the principal factor for keeping a gift. In brash terms, nobody keeps a gift that he or she cannot use. Also, a corporate gift that are used routinely tends make a company and a clients’ relationship virtually deeper as the company becomes a regular part of the clients’ everyday life and is the first thing that the client remembers when, say, he opens or closes a corporate gift bag, or slurps his morning brew from a gift mug, or plugs a gift USB into his laptop, or looks wall clock to find the company logo.

Quality is also important. If at all, corporate gifts communicate how much a company values its customers and so ‘cheap’ gifts gives a poor impression. But it   is not about the price alone. Less expensive gifts that are classy, well-designed and durable can determine the over-all value of a gift. So choosing the value-for-money corporate gift is a sure way to tell clients of their value.

Corporate gifts also communicate values. When a company shares values with its clients, it is bound to command loyalty and therefore patronage. Family-oriented corporate gifts show that a company values family just like every average consumer and is therefore a sure-fire way to establish connection with clients.

Finally, stay on trend. This is not to say corporate gifts must be chic alone since most of the time this appeals only to more liberal and younger audiences. Still, corporate gift items that are relevant to changing lifestyles and other social trends are easier to appreciate than cut-and-dried ones. Today, using environment-friendly materials, items that are produced under fair labor conditions and other socially-responsible terms, apparels that can be worn on everyday casual activities as well as other athletic and recreational activities, healthy foods, energy-saving gadgets are appealing to a mass base that is more conscious of pressing social problems.


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