Travel Insurance Comparison Tips for Senior Travelers

Looking for a travel insurance for your next trip? If you have an existing medical condition or are already in your senior years, you probably are most worried about the coverage you can get.

First things first, take note that it’s very important to be honest about your health. This way, you’ll also gather recommendations that fit your specific needs. It will also be easier for you to decide later on which insurance policy to go for.

You’ll need to declare any medical condition so the customer service team, in turn, can also provide you with an appropriate quote. As you compare travel insurance inclusions, here are items you’ll want to look out for.

Medical coverage.  When you are over the age of 60, the first question you need to ask the insurance team is the level of coverage they can provide for medical treatment. This includes repatriation coverage in the event you’ll need to be transported back to your home country. Your travel insurance policy  should help you cover medical treatments you may need while you are travelling to a foreign land. 

Limit on number of trips.  If you are a frequent traveller, you’re most likely out of the country several times in a year. When doing a travel insurance comparison, be sure to ask the insurance provider if they’re setting a limit on the number of trips you can only take annually. It’s best to go for an insurance plan that will not limit your travel plans. While you’re at it, inquire as well about the number of days you can use for each trip. It’s natural for insurance providers to set the number of days for each trip, but no worries if you’re looking to an extend travel period.

Coverage for family. If you’re planning to go with the entire family, then you may want to ask about their rates for special family packages. This can cover not only you and your partner but your kids as well. Do ask as well about the age requirements they allow. If you get to buy cheap travel insurance, you’ll also be able to save money. All that with peace of mind that everyone in the family is insured for your trips.

Coverage for personal belongings. What items are you planning to carry with you on your travel? Of course it’s not recommended to travel with expensive jewelry or accessories but bringing gadgets for recording the  trip is a must for many. That said, inquire if laptops and digital cameras you’re taking can be included in the travel insurance policy.

Coverage for travel delays. What if one of your flights get delayed? What will happen to the accommodation you booked? This can be stressful especially if you’re stuck within days, unable to travel. But with a complete insurance policy, you’re sure you’ll do fine. You’ll not have to worry about covering the cost of your fare and accommodation.

Traveling is for all ages! As seniors though, you may have different needs for your insurance policy. Take note of these factors as you compare insurance plans. And don’t be afraid to ask if there’s something you’re unsure about.


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