Things you need before your first motor bike ride

A lot of motor bike owners admitted that they were not able to take care of their first motorcycle. This is due to the fact that lacking in experience when it comes to handling things can greatly impact how long they last, specially for vehicles. Riding a motor bike without a proper checklist, regular maintenance, and important dos and don’ts, the supposed life expectancy of a vehicle is greatly at risk. Not only that, lack of experience is in fact, one of the leading causes of motor bike accidents. Many accidents here in Singapore are caused by mishandling which resulted to irreparable damage and only standard motor bike insurance can cover.

We should always remember we should not only value our lives, but also the ones around us. Here are the things that you need to do before your first drive

Make sure that you are properly geared – Accidents can really happen, especially when we are least expecting it. We must always be equipped with proper gears and protective items to ensure that we take minimum damage if ever an accident would occur. Regular clothes and denim cannot protect you at all in a crash. A helmet to resist concussion, boots to protect the feet and ankles, gloves for our hands, pants for lower extremity, and leather jackets for our torso – all of it must be high in quality to increase the chances of our survival in such unwanted occurrence. Though it may be much more expensive, it can really be a worthy experience since it can protect us from harm better, and is usually more durable.

Pre-ride inspection is a must – Everyday we use our bike, we must check for any kind of malfunction first. This pre-ride check up can not only save your life, but others as well. Double check if there are any problems with the brakes. Then move on to the signal lights, as they are important to let other drivers in the road know whenever you are turning right, left, or stopping. The headlight is also important specially in the night where the road is quite dark. It the incoming traffic see you as well. Next is to check the chains. The best way to do this is to spin the rear wheel and check if the chains are firmly attached and moving. Afterwards, check the tires if they still have good air pressure; it should not be too high and should not be too low. And lastly, check if you have enough fuel for your destination. You would not want to be stranded a couple of miles away from a gas station for a tank refill.

Get it serviced for maintenance regularly – If this is your first bike, then chances are you are not yet that familiar when it comes to regular maintenance that motor bikes should undergo such as oil and filter change, maintaining the chain tension, changing the spark plugs, or even when it comes to properly cleaning the bike itself. There are many other routine maintenance that should be done specially for newer bikes. It would be best to get your motor bike serviced for maintenance instead if you do not know much about it yet and you can even learn a thing or two from whoever is going to take care of your bike.


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