What Travel Insurance to Get

Travelling enriches a person. The appeal of meeting new people, experiencing new cultures and ways of life or simply being in  a new place are forms of discoveries that broadens a persons worldview. Although the inclination to go places has been an almost natural human inclination, it has even become even more appealing due to communication-information  technology that has provided conveniences that were absent in the past. Plane booking, hotel reservations, price canvassing were stressful parts of travelling that took away from the whole appeal of going places. Today however all of this can be easily done over the net especially with a plethora of on-line travel services.

As such, there has been an exponential increase in migration, tourist and other transnational cross-border movements in the last 5 years. A quick survey of travel agencies show that there has been a 30% increase in visa applications.

But one dimension of travelling that cannot be completely detached is the risk. Travelling is a high risk activity. Health, medical and other physical risks, even mental stress, are eventual consequences of change in geographical and social environments in addition to growing threats of natural calamities and terrorism anywhere in the world.

Travel insurance can help reduce the risks and the stress of travelling.  But this still depends on the kind of insurance package or coverage. A wrong insurance package with a bad company can only compound the problems of travelling.

Generally, a comprehensive insurance package is the most ideal coverage since it extensively covers all possible costs of accidents and other risks. This means it covers medical, health treatment, even death. Some comprehensive insurance companies in Singapore provide more coverages against acts of criminality and natural calamities. A number of on-line Singapore travel insurance companies even provide packages that cover emergency refunds or rebooking fees. Other than comprehensive insurance, there are also less costly insurance coverage packages that will pay only for medical and health costs. More specific packages offered by Singaporean insurance companies include hospitalization coverage. When travelling by road, there are more particular insurance packages that combine premiums of car and travel insurance by providing accident coverage for driver and car as well as other third party liabilities. A few Singapore travel insurance firms even offers family insurance packages for medical and health liabilities.

The most practical recourse in choosing the best comprehensive insurance policy is to conduct insurance packages comparisons of different companies including the amount and terms of payment vis-à-vis the benefits. Annual payments tend to costly considering the one-time lump sum payment but there are Singapore insurance companies that offer alternatives such as quarterly and monthly terms.

And then too, it is important to consider the nature of travel activities and destinations. When doing a travel insurance comparisons, it is also important to factor high crime rates.  When travelling to countries with travel notices from local foreign affairs offices are it is better to have a comprehensive travel insurance coverage. If, travelling during stormy seasons or in bad weather, it would be wise to have to have a policy that would cover re-booking fees since flight cancellations and delays are very likely to happen. In terms of activities, those planning to engage in extreme recreational outdoor activities need more extensive travel insurance coverage than those who only plan to travel for a quick business activity.


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