Importance of a Healthy Workplace & Considerations to have one

In the professional world, we can consider the workplace as our second home where we spend more than 45 hours each week. This means that if we subtract the time we spend on our sleep, our workplace consumes at least 40% of our time while we are awake.  Not to mention the time we spent on our preparation and travel time, it is almost half of our lives being spent on the same walls for years.

By just thinking about that, we can see how important our workplace is. Which is why, just like our own homes, it should also feel comfortable to those who are staying in it.

Aside from considering the time we spent in our office, there are also some studies that proves the importance of a good workplace in relation to the productivity and creativity of the employees. One of these reports said that, “There is overwhelming evidence that the design of an office impacts the health, well-being and productivity of its occupants.” With that being said, maybe it’s time for you to consider doing business with an office renovation contractor from Singapore who can help you with what you need especially if you are not satisfied with the working environment that you have. To help you plan about your office renovation, here are some of the key points to attain a healthy workplace:

  1. Put on some good lightings
  • The lighting plays a very important role in every establishments. Aside from the fact that it never fails to set the mood, in a working area, lightings somehow affect the health and productivity of the people working in it. But if not positioned properly, these simple lightings may cause eyestrain which may lead to headaches and headaches doesn’t create happy workers. Therefore, low productivity. Based from a study in the Scientific Journal, “the prime factor which affects the productivity of employees is lighting in the office”. This only shows that lighting comes a long way in affecting people’s productivity. It’s best to have a natural light source, maybe from a clear and wide window. But if you don’t have enough natural light source, I would suggest investing into some good artificial lightings with a guide from a professional office renovation contractor.

    2.  Consider having a couple of plants

  • Having a plant in our working environment was scientifically proven to improve our physical and mental health. They help in clearing and improving the quality of the air by reducing the levels of carbon dioxide. Some of them have the ability to remove compounds such as hexane, formaldehyde, and benzene in the range of 50% to 75%. That is why, being around with plants can help lower our stress level and increase people’s productivity.

    3. Give life to your walls

  • Hang a simple painting or photograph or some other small decorations. Putting a little life or color to your walls can spark and unlock creativity. Just like the lightings, a little renovation on your walls can also bring vibes or set the mood in the office, increase productivity and lowers the feeling of being burned out.

    4. Pay attention to your storage facilities

  • Of course, after putting beauty to the surroundings, it is important to clear the clutter in your desk. Organizing your storage facility does not require a lot of money. If you are really on a tight budget, you might consider getting some carpentry services in Singapore to build your storage system in a lower cost instead of buying those ready-made storage in stores with value added tax. This is very essential especially to offices who deals with a lot of paperwork like a law firm, hospital or clinics and government offices. An organized working area can do a lot more than just giving an aesthetic value but also this lessens the feeling of early work fatigue to your employees.

I understand why some people may not appreciate the idea of renovating the office because they see it as a financial burden and very time consuming. However, we cannot deny the fact of the positive impacts from making some tiny renovation around the working area. Also, a constant retouch, does not only give positive effects to the people within the company but could also go beyond like creating a solid first impression when people walk through your door and enhancing your company image outside your walls. No matter what decision you make, whether you decided to have a fancy office renovation or just some sort of subtle carpentry services in Singapore to fix damages in your establishment, I hope I somehow gave you some useful information with regards to the importance of a healthy workplace.


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