Basic Things To Know About Electronics

Electronics: just the mere mention of it seems like a risk is always on the line and there seems to be something too masculine about it that women are often repelled by the idea of learning more about electronics stuff.

Myra Kaleb, 29, from Singapore, who just started to learn about assembling electronic items, shared what piqued her interest when her husband started talking about apex connector and eao switches with her a couple of years back, “It started when I was venting about how rusty our home switches have become that I had to buy special aerosol cleaning products myself to fix them. Then my husband started sharing about some handy man skills that I would have never learned anywhere else, not in a million years. He started blurting words like pcbs, resistors, semiconductor chips, eao switches apex connectors,  etcetera, and even showed me clips that he also present to his small electronics and communication class in a community college where he is an instructor. I figured, why not learn a thing or two and try doing simple electronic experimentation myself.” 

One of the most important electronics products that you must possess according to Engr. Zander Chua from Singapore is the kyoritsu test and measuring equipment, “ Utilized in the creation of signals and to capture responses from DUTs or electronic devices under test. Through this, observance of the proper operation of DUT can be tested and proven whilst also figuring out if faults and failures can be traced in the device.”

Learning about basic components according to  Øyvind Nydal Dahl  in his article The Simple Guide To Learning Electronics For Beginners for is very much essential, “ Start by skimming through my popular article on the basic electronic components. Or choose a specific component you want to learn more about from one of these articles: What is a resistor?; How does a capacitor work?; How does a transistor work?; What is a diode?; What is an inductor?; What is an integrated circuit?”. He further shared, “The easiest way to start is by building kits. You’ll get the board and all the components in one package. All you need to do is follow the instructions. But, eventually you should free yourself from these instructions and start building circuits on your own. Start by building some circuits using breadboards and stripboards. I have written a super practical eBook you might find helpful: ‘Getting Started With Electronics’. The book gives you step-by-step instructions on building your first circuits – from a blinking light to a music-playing gadget. It also covers the basics of electronics: what components you need to know, and how to choose components for your circuit. I recommend you to read it and do the steps to get comfortable with building circuits.”

Some beginners opt to not just read but also watch self-help videos on electronics stuff and know-hows, “The great thing about this digital age is that you can practically learn anything online. It is like learning in an actual class because there are demos and very specific instructions and processes. Heck, this is not even boring compared to actual classes I attend it school. When I was researching about basic electonics component, all I needed was a proper keyword, and Bam! I saw several videos about it,” shared Becky DeLino.

Electronics and communication engineer Anthony Chan exclaimed, “Mastery and excellence in the field of electronics and communication should not have gender—and if you are well educated and well equipped, there is no reason to feel intimidated by the field. In fact, we need more women to take interest because the demand for electronic manufacturing increases as people continually create and buy electronic equipment.”



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