The impact of virtual reality in modern entertainment

Technology has advanced really fast these past couple of years. Industries related to computers, and generally information technology has made a lot of breakthroughs whether it is about new innovations that we now use today, or improvement and development of different architectures in terms of hardware performance and related engineering. This made a lot of things easy for many companies here in Singapore that deals with video production, three dimensional applications, computer manufacturers and the like. Virtual reality is no exception. Lately, many games in Singapore are being released VR ready (Virtual Reality ready) and the market just keeps on growing and increasing. Well, who does not want to actually see a game in full three dimensional experience? Well some may prefer looking on a computer screen or a high definition television, but it is the new feel and experience of virtual reality that tops all.


People were curious at first on how virtual reality would change the gaming industry, as well as the movie industry. Well, virtual reality has been widely available since the middle of 90s. However, it did not really have that much of an impact to the said industries since it was not really that big to start with. Also, the concept of virtual reality is dependent on hardware capabilities which means what they could do back then was heavily limited by the performance of computers. Right now, there are still very few games that makes use of virtual reality. But there are also many games that are currently in development that will be released ready for virtual reality. In terms of videos, rollercoaster ride simulation is also one of the most popular virtual reality animations there is. It is usually accompanied by a moving chair that synchronizes with the video plus surround sound, making the ride feel and sound real at the same time.

There are also many companies who are investing in the research and development concerning virtual reality. Many see it as the future of gaming and videography, but virtual reality is not really something that can be applied throughout all types and genres. Some games are better off played in a screen such as real time simulation and multiplayer online battle arena. Games that are played in first person settings are the best games that can be played in virtual reality.

In the past couple of years, different improvements were made in terms of making virtual reality the way it is now. It is expected to affect not only the gaming and movie industry, but the entertainment industry as a whole and also education, healthcare, and even commerce. However, it does not come cheap. They usually come around 500 dollars and above, depending on the platform used.

Some people actually confuse augmented reality as virtual reality. Just to clear this out, augmented reality applies computer generated imagery into an existing environment while virtual reality is an environment itself that is computer generated. It is a common misconception when it comes to VR and AR talk. Though they are fundamentally different, their purpose remains the same; to enhance virtual experience in terms of perceiving reality.



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