Alternatives To Luxury Hotels

The sanctity of marriage both as a social and legal bond is observed and preserved in many cultures and across various epochs. In almost any culture and time, weddings are rites that forge the bond between two people and is the primary foundation of a family. Understandably,  individuals, couples and families spare no expense or effort to organize the best and most memorable wedding events.

And there are more than enough ways to achieve this with the least hassles. Most of these options are now offered by various weddings events venues, organizers and host of other related service providers and Singapore is home to some of the best wedding venues and services   in the world.

For those opting for more conservative and religious celebrations, there are typical elegant restaurants and function halls which are usual venues for birthday parties and other family and large-group affairs. These venues are often found in upper levels of tall skyscrapers or hotels and therefore offer a splendid view of the city-state and its oceans. But far from being the cut-and-tried wedding ceremonies, some of these venues offer hotel wedding packages that include live music, world-class performers, high-end sound systems along with complete wedding reception programs and an extravagant catering service of buffet meals with a wide range of choice of viands and meals from local specialties to exotic foreign treats that all depart from traditional wedding offerings. Hotel wedding packages and promotions in Singapore also include some of the best house-keeping or post-event cleaning services in Asia.

For those who to keep their celebrations private, there are modest options. For clients who want to have a more intimate event and have a few enough guests rather than a ton, many Singapore hotel promotion offer  packages for private bars, small fine dining restaurants,  ballrooms and even secluded villas that provide privacy while maintaining the solemn, stylish sophistication for a humble but still memorable wedding. These hotel promotions and wedding packages are also practical choices since they are significantly cheaper that other wedding packages.

For couples who wish to add a touch of openness, garden weddings provide the same aura of solemnity of church or hotel weddings but at the same time provide that added outdoor feel. Garden weddings also invoke a heightened touch of romance and dreamy nostalgia. Outdoor wedding packages in Singapore usually include organization of lawn or beachfront weddings with the latter providing the appeal of tranquil sea and the relaxing view of a vast horizon. For additional scenic touch, there are now beach and mountain weddings for that truly nature-embraced and outdoor aura. For more adventurous couples, a yacht wedding provides all the visual appeal of a beachfront wedding with an added feeling of mobility and journey as perfect wedding themes.

Of course, most of these Singapore wedding packages usually come with a hefty price tag even if and when companies offer a “keep it simple” package. Regardless of the package cost however, it is still important to keep in mind that there will be additional costs like décor, souvenirs, accommodation for entourage,  additional activities for family and special guests.


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