Long distance? International call apps are here

International call apps provide a highly cost-effective and convenient means of long distance and international calling. Apps for international calling is therefore appealing to people who need to make frequent long distance and international calls. Entrepreneurs and companies that provide prepaid app for international calls to such people stand to and do benefit from the demand for their services. And even non-technical entrepreneurs–using specialized turnkey software platforms–can deliver these services and turn a profit if they employ an effective business model.

In 2012 alone, according to Telegeography, the industry experienced a five percent increase totaling 490 billion minutes. In the same year, US smartphone users spent $37 billion on international calling based on the study by Rebtel. The calling card market is worth approximately $2.14 billion (Frost & Sullivan). There are currently 6.8 mobile subscribers worldwide, which can function as prepaid devices with the use of calling cards and PINless mobile devices.

By taking calls that originate in the traditional telephone network (PTSN) and routing the international or long distance portion of the call through the Internet before terminating the call on a telephone in Long distance? International call apps are here

Mobile PINless Dialers are apps that enable end users to make prepaid calls on their smartphones. Unlike other mobile apps solutions, they don’t require the end user to have a data or WiFi connection. Because this solution doesn’t require WiFi or a data plan, it enables service providers to deliver cost-effective VoIP-based calling services even in regions where VoIP is otherwise technically infeasible, such as in much of the developing world.

A recent statistics by Statista expresses the projected number of smartphone users until 2020 will be 2.87 billion! This statistics makes international calling apps a name of revolution for doing long distance, international calls at a very lower rate. User dependence on flexible features of mobile VoIP taking mobile VoIP to the new edge of the success. Few years ago it was just the future of VoIP service. Now, mobile international call apps are among the most popular application with exciting cost effective features offered by VoIP Service providers.

What are those “flexible features” of international call apps? By using wireless mobile phone as a VoIP device, it’s really cheap and user friendly to do international calls, roaming calls, sending instant messaging or more. At present, by the blessings of good quality and high speedy 3G, 4G, LTE, WiFi, VoIP market leaders are embracing Mobile based VoIP  services.



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