Types of Fluid Dispensing System

Fluid dispensing system is a technology developed for adhesive dispensing applications. It is used to help dispense any fluid such as glue, thin solvents to thick silicones and brazing pastes quickly, accurately, and with no waste or hand fatigue. It offers 4 types of fluid dispenser system to meet a wide variety of production requirements. The following are:

  1. Barrel Dispensing System

This type of fluid dispenser is low cost, simple to operate and has low maintenance design. Generally, this system is used for applications that require small dispensing volume and low usage volume. It has a minimum dispensing volume that can be controlled from as low as 0.0001cc per shot. Barrel dispensing system also uses barrel plunger to dispense high viscosity materials.

  1. Cartridge Dispensing System

Compared to barrel dispensing system, cartridge dispensing system is ideal to applications that require greater dispensing volume and usage volume. It uses 3 types of cartridges holders to hold materials of different volumes. The following are: SMH series for dispensing 170cc and 340cc, STH series for dispensing 100g and 150g, and SCH series for dispensing 300cc. Cartridges used in this system are disposable, thus, tedious cleaning is not required.

  1. Desktop Dispensing Robot

Designed for small lot production of multiple types, desktop dispensing robot has a high precision dispensing capability and has a customizing function which allows user to create their own original programs.  It is user friendly as it provides wide and viewable teaching pendant system with various languages, easy modification of data and enhances memory capacity.

Desktop dispensing robot offers several features such as:

  • Smooth movement which is attained with micro-step control system;
  • Linear dispensing which provides consistent dispensing function in a line from start to finish with skipping over the tip of the starting point;
  • Anti-spraying which prevents dispensing liquid from spraying;
  • Anti-stringing where you can set a waiting time after dispensing or stop the dispensing flow to prevent any end-of-job stringing;
  • Filled in function which includes functions for rectangular (zigzag/spiral) and circular fill-in dispensing;
  • Dispensing liquid purging which is equipped with a purge switch that prevents nozzle clogging by flushing out excess dispensing liquid; and
  • Needle adjuster which automatically correct work piece position, aligning it with the nozzle for consistently accurate dispensing.
  1. Tube Pump Dispensing System

This type of fluid dispensing system is used for dispensing difficult materials such as super glue, cyano adhesives, and others. This is composed of dispensing pen, DR301 series tube pump type dispenser, tube connector (to container and dispensing pen), and container that holds the material to be dispensed.

  1. Valve Tank Dispensing System

Unlike other fluid dispensing system, the valve tank dispensing system requires the use of both dispensing valve and pressure tank. There is a wide selection of valves and pressure tanks in the market to choose from depending on the purpose. Ideally, valve tank dispenser system is used for applications that require dispensing volume of 0.003cc or more in one shot or high usage volume. It can support low to high viscosity materials and can also be used in combination with a temperature control system as an option.


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