The Tradition of Gifting Flowers

There can be so many tales as to how the tradition of men gifting flowers to women may have started. And of these many stories, it’s fascinating to just choose something inspiring to believe in. After all, history can’t be pinned down exactly by anyone. So a romanticized version of its reality may be idealized more too often. “It is believed that this custom has origins in prehistoric traditions whose conclusive proof has been dug up by archaeologists at excavation sites. History, myths and tales dating back to ancient China, Greece, Rome and Egypt show flowers to be an integral part of social customs. In these civilizations, it was thought that emotions could find their most suitable expression through the giving of flowers. Greek mythology is filled with identification of certain flowers that were believed to be representations of gods and goddesses. The custom of gifting flowers passed down to the Middle Ages, with the French and the English keeping the tradition strong. The modern tradition of assigning a meaning to each flower is believed to have been imported to Europe after the French and the British witnessed it in Turkey. Flower gifting acquired much prevalence among the Victorians who greatly indulged in this custom. Exhibiting feelings in words and before everybody was not considered as good manners during the Victorian era, and hence people used subtle means to demonstrate their feelings in the form of presenting flowers or bouquets,” wrote an anonymous writer of the article dubbed The Historic Story Of Giving Flowers for the site 

Juancho Silva, who frequently scores cheap online flower delivery in Singapore, shares why he believes that every woman deserves to be gifted with a bouquet, “More than the tradition, giving flowers to women is an act of appreciation and a way of any pursuer to state their intention without using much words. Flowers carry a language that spells infinite and boundless definitions. Gifting flowers transcends what words cannot exactly capture.”

“Flowers make the giver happy. The act of giving flowers elicits a real smile (as opposed to a fake, oh-that-was-nice smile) more often than other gifts of similar cost, according to research from Jeannette Haviliand-Jones, psychologist at Rutgers University. And men are conditioned to react very positively to a real smile. People think you are smarter if you’re a guy who gives flowers. That’s right. Send the flowers to your significant others’ workplace. Science says that people will perceive you as having higher emotional intelligence than your peers. Next step: Start milking your significant other’s network of contacts since they are already impressed with you,” as the article Why men should give women flowers shared at


Jem, who manages a flower delivery in SG since 2014, shared how fascinating it is to see women’s faces when they receive flowers, whether they are in a bouquet or simple given in strands, “The very reason I got into this business is that I believe that it is priceless to bring happiness to people. Several times, when we deliver so many flowers on different doors and I have nothing much to do, I accompany my delivery team especially if they have customers who request for songs to be sung to a lady. I love that our flower delivery here in Singapore is cheap and affordable and we never run out of customers, regardless of the season.

Giving flowers, may it be to a man or a woman, is always a kind gesture.”


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