Car insurance in Singapore

Are you a motorist who is currently owning a car and is currently in Singapore? Well, if you are, then you already probably know that there are several road safety measures being implemented in the country.


As such, it is just best you get or purchase your own car insurance because inasmuch as you want to make sure that you follow the traffic rules, getting the mandatory car insurance in SG will also give you the benefit of a relaxed and peaceful driving.


Now, if you keep on wondering why the government just requires motorists to do so, it is because having an insurance policy saves both the rider and the government from unwanted costs and circumstances. Well, we are not referring to anybody just wanting or dreaming to be authorised for car insurance claim. That is something we never hope for as you know what that would mean. But in order to convince you just a little bit why this is a good driving scheme and why everybody in the world ought to recognise this, or maybe create their own and implement, here are the reasons:


First, this is important to make motorists remember to follow the rules.


Traffic rules are the basic laws that we have, but sometimes due to urgency or any other matter, we tend to ignore them.  Now, if a driver has his own policy, he will be encouraged to follow the traffic rules to the detail. This is because certain clauses in policies state that the driver must practice safe driving. Because if not, then all claims would be waived. And what is the main reason this was purchased in the first place? To save a motorist from unwanted costs.


Second, it would provide a safety net for the motorist physically.


When we talk about insuring your car, this would mean giving you peace of mind every time you drive. The reason behind this is that if in case a rider meets unwanted circumstance, then he or she is assured that there could be help that would come.


One main reason drivers get too stressed is because at times of emergencies, they just do not know what to do. In case of a purchased insurance policy, the driver can be represented by a professional agent.


Third, the vehicle is protected from all types of accidents.


It could either be natural or manmade. You know that we cannot control our environment, right? That goes with some street kids that might be playing around that might accidentally scratch your car, or some individuals who would intentionally loiter. Or it could even be the extremes: from a branch falling from a tree to flooding.


These are all harmful to a vehicle. And if ever these things happen without a policy, then all the fixing would be an out of pocket cost for the owner. But if a motorist has an insurance policy, he is assured that fixing is already covered.


Such a relief, isn’t it?






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