Tips When Shopping on an Online Vintage Shop

Shopping for anything online is very convenient for anyone. Buyers can do it wherever and whenever they want to as long as they are connected in the internet. They don’t need to leave their house and spend their time in visiting in-stores and browsing for items is seamless. However, there are still some people who are afraid or contemplating to buy pre-loved or second-hand items online because of several reasons. If you are one of these people, below are some tips that can guide you to make sure that you will not regret shopping online.

Read reviews

Before adding items in your cart from an online vintage shop in Singapore, make sure to read the reviews of the shop first. It is important that the shop you will choose is worthy of your trust and money. Find out if there are complaints and problems experienced by their past customers or if they are happy and satisfied with the items they purchased. You just need to do a little investigation to make sure that you will not be scammed when shopping online. In addition, check if there are problems about the shipping process that the past customers experienced, which you don’t want to experience once you purchase from the shop.

Ask questions

If you already found the vintage clothing in Singapore that you are looking for and you want to know more about the item before purchasing it, you can always ask the shop employees some questions. You might be wondering if the item is available in your size or if it is available in other colors. You should also make an inquiry if you can’t find the item or brand of clothing that you are looking for. Don’t hesitate to ask questions about the items that you want to purchase because the online shop employees are definitely willing to help you out. Just check their contact information so you would know what ways that you can do to reach them.


When you want to shop for branded or designer items, make sure that the vintage shop where you will purchase the items will give you proof of authenticity. Almost all companies that make designer or branded bags, clothing, shoes, and other items give card of authenticity or proof of purchase to their customers. This proof of authenticity must be also handed to you when you purchase an item. Make sure that the shop has experts who are inspecting the branded and designer bags that they are selling to their customers.

Terms and conditions

Another thing that you should never overlook when shopping for second-hand items online is the store’s terms and conditions. You should know what you can do if you want to return an item or have a refund. You might also want to know if it is possible to cancel your order. Never send your orders without reading the terms and conditions of the shop because you might experience some problems eventually. If the information stated on the shop’s website isn’t clear or lack details, you can always contact the customer service hotline or send an email to them.


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