Great Career Options for Exceptional Techie Geeks and Computer Nerds

In this day of age when technological development seems to be limitless and boundless, seldom you can find any hardware like gadgets, accessories or software that has not been fabricated or manufactured in the market. Anything you need is already availability and accessibility to the consumers. Ranging from electronics, communication, production, gaming to all other forms of media and even the virtual realm, everything is at the grasp of your hand.

But did you ever wonder how these inventions and innovations are made possible? How are we able to navigate and experience both the technological advancement in the real world and in virtual reality?

Virtual reality are only known to the gaming industry but thanks to our brilliant professional developers, software engineers, specialists and technicians, this realm has become more accessible than ever. Have you heard of virtual production companies? Unfamiliar yet this industry is making its way up to the ladder in terms of technological advancement.

To give you a brief of what they do, here are some of the amazing services they can offer to the market.

  1. Ideation

Like any other company, a good invention and innovations come from brainstorming of ideas and experiences. Ideation is where specialists and developers gather together and help clients expand their ideas. A consultation processes where expertise and skills are being tested to develop new products that are yet to be seen.

  1. Production

Virtual reality production talks about the sights and sounds in an environment. It deals with capturing photographs, videos and virtual effects to capture the audience’s attention and immerse them into the virtual realm.

  1. Partnerships

Good projects and portfolio are not made by a one person team. Great inventions and innovations are born because of strong partnerships with various experts in the industry. Collaboration and co-creation is the future of virtual reality development.

  1. Application Development

Gaming, film, entertainment, and communication have evolved greatly through the years. From simply holding a game console and watching movies in a big screen to immersing yourself in an interface, one can be part of the game or the movie. A 360 video experience and a touch and go feature are also some of the latest application developments.

  1. Training Workshops

Like an unmanned vehicle, virtual reality lets you experience digital assistance where technology is being employed as librarians, instructors or customer assistants. For example, medical institutions perform surgeries and visualize processes in a simulation room because hard to perform surgeries can’t be done with ordinary training tools.

  1. Website Advancement

One example of website advancement is the interactive online shopping. Before you only see a 2D picture of the items you wanted to buy, but with the advancement of technology, you can now have a 3D experience of buying your shoes, bags and clothing. You can collect and select items in just a click. It is like shopping in a physical store while in fact you are just at the comfort of your home.

Virtual reality or not, technological changes and development will continue to amaze and push us to the limits where our naked eye can see.


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