Wonderful Places to Visit with Your Friends and Family

There are many things that carve a sweet smile on the faces of people, elicit genuine laughter deep inside their bellies and bring warmth and joy to all the chambers of their beating heart because life is simply not worth living if they cannot enjoy the things that shed light and love to their otherwise bleak and meaningless existence. There are those who desire material things because they feel that these earthly possessions show the whole world that they have reached the top of the proverbial mountain and overcame all the obstacles blocking their way and that is why they spend most of their hard-earned cash on shopping sprees in their favourite outlet shops and malls. There are also those who dedicate all of their time and energy in their respective careers because they are hungry for power, recognitions and respect given to them by their peers, colleagues and constituents.

And then there are the free spirts and adventurers out there who live for the moment and go wherever the wind takes them and that is why they stay in the best hotels in Singapore when they travel to Southeast Asia and visit such countries like Japan, Hong Kong and the Philippine Islands. These people are bitten by the travel bug and are now suffering from wanderlust and the only way to satiate their desires and find the happiness that they yearn for is by travelling around the globe, seeing the beauty of the world with their own eyes and making new friends in the different countries that they visit. This way, they can truly say that they have no regrets and that they have truly lived because they know exactly what they want and how to get it.

And that is why if given the choice between buying expensive, diamond-encrusted jewellery or the latest sports cars out in the market and staying in luxury hotels in Singapore with their best friends and family, they will most probably choose the latter nine times out of 10. Aside from the Lion City and the other exotic, oriental countries in Southeast Asia, there are many places that people should visit at least once before they die and go to the great gig in the sky. For example, they can visit the Louvre and climb to the top of the Eiffel Tower in the heart of Paris, France with their significant other and fall deeply in love with one another all over again.

They can also leave their hotel near orchard road and run with the wild animals like lions, hyenas, rhinos and elephants in the vast savannahs of Africa because there is nothing that makes people feel more alive than staring death in the face without flinching. They can also go down the ancient tombs of pharaohs and queens in Egypt for a blast from the past that they will never forget for as long as they live. And if they want to enjoy the warmth of the sun kissing their smooth and bronzed skin, they can visit the fine, white-sand beaches of Brazil or Australia where they can party with the locals, surf to their heart’s content and maybe even explore the deep blue sea.


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