How Couples Could Enjoy Their Singaporean Beach Wedding

In tropical countries like Singapore, couples who are planning to tie the knot would oftentimes consider having their wedding at the beach to take advantage of the weather. But how can the couple ensure that their guests will have fun during the most important day of their lives?

One of the first things that Singaporean couples should consider is their ideal beach location where they want to conduct their wedding. In the main island alone, there are beaches that can be found along East Coast Park, Sembawang Park, West Coast Park, Pasir Ris, and the Changi Beach Park. They can also opt to choose one of the wedding venues in Singapore’s offshore islands like Sentosa’s Palawan Beach, Tanjong Beach, or the picturesque Siloso Beach. Other options include the Pulau Ubin Beach as well as the Kusu Island Beach.

Aside from finding the perfect venue for beach weddings, there are also other things to consider to make the couple’s wedding day as perfect as possible. These include choosing the most appropriate attire to wear for both the couple and the guests, they kind of accessories that they will use, as well as how to manage some unforeseen circumstances during the wedding ceremony itself.

Regarding the attire, brides-to-be should always remember that wedding gowns made from light materials like charmeuse, silks or chiffon will be the most practical option if they want to get married on the beach. While a formal ballgown or those with lengthy trains look good in photos, wearing such on the beach could be a hassle. Same is true for lace dresses, since the sand can easily seep into the material during the ceremony.

The groom, on the other hand, should wear cotton pants during the ceremony to make it easier for them to move in the sandy aisle.

The guests should also consider wearing breezy, flowy attire when attending beach weddings. Clothes made from heavy fabrics could limit their movements, and it could hinder them from enjoying both the ceremony and the wedding reception.

The bride should also consider the kind of shoes that she will wear during the wedding proper. Since most beachfront weddings are held in the sandy shores, it would be better if they will don a flat-heeled pair of shoes or go shoe-less with embellished barefoot sandals.  The groom could also choose to wear a pair of sandals or flipflops, while the guests can opt to wear strappy sandals as well.

It would also be better if the couple will remind their guests to bring sunglasses or parasols to protect their eyes from too much sun. They can also bring shoals, capelets, or pashminas to cover them up in case the weather gets too chilly.

To make the guests comfortable, the couple should ask their wedding coordinator to provide them with bottles of water or fans in case the temperature becomes unbearable. This will prevent them from being dehydrated.

Since most beaches tend to be public places, it will be important to ask the venue coordinator to make sure that the area where the wedding will be held will be cordoned off from the rest of the beachgoers. The couple should also include a decent sound system in their expenses so they wedding officiant can be heard loud and clear despite the noise that comes from the crashing ocean waves.

Singapore beach wedding can be an exciting event, which is why it would be nice if the couple knows how to handle the event properly.



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