What is Cloud Computing?

Have you ever been introduced to the idea of dtoring whatever files you have online? Maybe you have been but you haven’t really considered, right?


Do you remember the time when the first ever hardware storage was introduced? We were all clamoring for it because our desktops or laptops just did  not have enough storage in them. Sometimes, we need to continuously choose which files to retain or to delete. That is such a chaise, right? And then thankfully, external storage device with huge storage space became available in the market.  If you are a professional relying so much on word files and other documents, or you are a student completing research, then you were so grateful these devices were invented, right?


However, we shall admit that any new technology or invention would always have a drawback. For instance, these storage devices were prone to virus or file corruption.


As we know, there are a lot of computer viruses that have been invented. Some of which could either destroy your files, and by that it means the user being unable to open them, or worse, the files get duplicated or the computer itself being unable to start up. Too bad, right? Another thing that terrified owners of external data storage is it is ether prone to loss or deletion of files. And as these devices were also expensive, it will take a while for anybody to be able to buy them. And get this, in order for you to retrieve the files they must be brought with you wherever you go. And those devices were too heavy!


And then came mobile Internet. The more affordable version.  When this was introduced, we were then enabled by technology to store files in our mobile phones. Manufacturers were also able to invent disc or flash drives that are compatible with mobile devices so that our mobile phones will serve as substitute to external storage devices. Storing files have become more convenient. It evolved. Nonetheless, this new method still bore with it the same issues of the previous devices: they have to be carried around and they are also prone to deletion and virus. But thankfully, the Internet has advanced once more and manufacturers and software developers get to invent cloud computing. And because of this, companies that offer cloud solutions boomed in Singapore and is already taking the innovation in a wide scale.


But what is this? This is a method if using a wide range of computer networks in order to store, manage, and process different types of data. In short, you no longer have to bring an external device with you.  Your files are stored in a private cloud storage in the Internet which you can retrieve anytime and anywhere you are. And as this is not just an ordinary storing method. Experts are needed in order to monitor this system. It can be assured that once a company invested in this type of program, all their documents would be backed and kept safe regardless if hardware is destroyed.


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