Top 4 Reasons to Go Organic

The numbers of people who decide to go organic are continually increasing every year. There are a lot of organic foods and even products that can be bought nowadays. The number of organic shop in Singapore is also continually increasing because of the demand. There are a lot of benefits that a person can get when eating and using organic products and the great news is that these foods and products are becoming more affordable. If you are contemplating whether going organic is a great decision, below are the reasons why we think it is.

Better taste

Believe it or not, organic products in Singapore have better taste than inorganic products. The reason behind this is that organic foods are nourished and fresh. They don’t contain artificial preservatives and they are sold immediately after being cultivated, which makes you ensure that all the organic foods you will purchase are fresh. The taste of fresh foods is far way better compared to those that aren’t fresh. Because it is chemical-free and doesn’t contain artificial flavoring, you will taste the produce itself and not the fake flavoring. If you buy an organic cranberry juice, you can actually taste the fruit itself and not artificial cranberry flavoring.

Healthier option

Even though there are some people who believe that organic foods aren’t healthier or safe, there are a lot of scientific studies that prove otherwise. Organic foods like organic chia seeds have more vitamins, nutrients, and minerals compared to conventional products. The process of planting, caring, and cultivating can greatly affect the quality of any product. Conventional produce have pesticides and chemicals that are not healthy and safe for our bodies. These pesticides and chemicals that are used in conventional plants and other food products can cause health problems and can also be poisonous. Organic plants, fruits, and other food products don’t have chemicals and pesticides which make them become a healthier option.


Chemicals and pesticides are used by farmers in agriculture because it can help to grow the plants faster and make the animals produce more products immediately. Although there are benefits for the farmers when using chemicals and pesticides, these products can harm the consumers. It can cause a lot of health problems including having diseases or different types of sickness. You need to wash the vegetables, fruits, or clean the foods products that you purchase before consuming it because you wouldn’t want to eat foods that have chemicals or pesticides on it. If you choose to go organic, there is no reason for you to worry about having chemicals on the organic foods that you purchase.

Avoid GMO

GMO or genetically modified organism is a result of a process when the DNA of specie is artificially extracted into the genes of animals and plants. There are tons of foods nowadays that have undergone the GMO process. GMO foods can result to different disadvantages to our health and in the environment. GMO foods can cause allergic reactions, lesser nutritional value, and production of toxins. It can also disrupt biodiversity, release toxins to soil, and lesser resistance to pests to toxins. Organic foods and products doesn’t undergo a  process of GMO so you wouldn’t need to worry about its disadvantages.


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