4 Tips to have Unique Corporate and Business Gift Ideas in Singapore

Throughout the years, corporate and business gifts had become part in business practices across the globe. This has served many purposes and gave many advantage for company’s branding and image. But since it is becoming more and more popular around the world especially here in Singapore, the challenge to have a corporate gifts that would standout became more and more competitive just like the fast evolving modern marketing strategies.  To help you with this dilemma, here I have listed 4 tips for gender neutral branded corporate and business gifts and ideas for your clients and partners that you might want to try in Singapore.

Pampering Gift certificates

  • Gift certificates is a very versatile kind of corporate gift you can give in Singapore. You can give them certificates like those which can give them relaxation like a spa certificate or a salon gift certificate to pamper themselves. Well, it is very common for people now a days to be super stressed and exhausted due to long hours of work. They would really appreciate and remember your gift if you could give them some time to relax and get away from all the deadly deadlines and stress from the corporate responsibilities.

Give them a little bit of Humor

  • Putting a little humor on your premium corporate gifts is also another way of giving creative and unique corporate gift. Items like coffee mugs or any other simple items, especially those that could stay in their offices, would really look special if you put a bit of effort in putting humor in it. A little reminder to not take themselves seriously might light up their day. Who knows right? Making them feel that you really think about them and the gift that you gave them is already a big thing for them. They will surely remember you for that. So better start thinking about phrases that you think are perfect for them then just grab a simple item and go ahead customize it to some trusted shops of corporate gifts here in Singapore.

Items that are useful outdoors

  • Aside from gifts that could stay in their offices, you can also give them business corporate gifts from Singapore that are useful outdoor. For example you can give them tumbler or water bottles if you think that they are the kind of people who likes to break a sweat since there is a growing trend about staying healthy and being in shape. Or maybe you should try giving them convertible umbrellas since the weather is constantly changing. Also, umbrellas are useful for both sunny days and rainy days, so it is a safe bet item. You can use trends or conditions like that to make your gifts timely and useful for your clients, partners and consumers. Just don’t forget to look around.

Anything they can easily carry around

  • If you think that your receiver is always on the move, try giving them something that they can easily carry around but is still useful to them. Singapore premium gifts like a classy looking pen or notebook could go a long way in keeping your bond strong. If your item could accompany them wherever they go, that gift could undoubtedly do so much not just for them but for you too. But please be reminded that this kind of gift is a bit tricky because this needs to be something that would not make them feel embarrassed carrying around. This means that you should not only pay attention to the usefulness of this kind of business gift because the aesthetic will also be a great factor with this items.

No matter what kind of gift you are giving to your partners, co-workers, or clients, always put in mind the usefulness, practicality and uniqueness of your items in order for you to standout and get noticed.

Source: http://happybananablog.jigsy.com/entries/general/4-tips-to-have-unique-corporate-and-business-gift-ideas-in-singapore


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