Dominate the Dating Scene with These Three Tips

Even if they have designer clothes filling up their closets, flashy and expensive bling on their jewellery box, mountains of cash on their bank accounts and a garage full of expensive sports cars like Lamborghinis and Ferraris, successful people still feel incomplete and empty inside if they do not have anyone to share the finer things in life with. Even if they have a grand opening flower setup on the opening day for their new company or business venture as well as a palatial mansion with more rooms than they actually need, a lot of these rich and affluent people still feel lonely and sad because they do not have genuine friends and families to make them feel truly happy and content at the end of the day.

And that is why bachelors and single men out there need to step up their game, bring out the big guns and pull out all the stops if they want to meet that special someone who can turn their life around for the better and make them feel like a million bucks, no pun intended. But contrary to popular belief that girls are shallow and superficial because they only give rich men their time of the day and attention, a lot of women out there want something more substantial and meaningful in their relationships. They want unconditional love, undying support as well as security, warmth and comfort from the pain of the outside world but before they can prove that they are the total package, men must first make a big splash in the dating scene.

With that said, here are some key pieces of advice to make women swoon and fall head over heels in love so that they can seal the deal and enjoy a happy relationship together.

Make a Great First Impression

                Some men fumble the ball on first dates because all of the negative energy and nervous jitters lead to mistakes and this is a big no-no because women are attracted to men who are confident without being too arrogant. To break the ice and make a great first impression, men should look for the best flower delivery in Singapore so that they can send a fresh bouquet along with chocolates before their date and get her in the right mood and state of mind.


Make the Night All About Her

                Instead of droning about themselves and boring their dates to death, men should lend their ears and make the night all about her. They should listen patiently to her stories and be attentive enough to take note of her subtle movements because they can discover a lot of things about her this way.

Dress to Impress

                It goes without saying that you do not want to go on a date looking like something the cat dragged in and smelling even worse. Aside from taking a shower, getting a haircut and grooming yourself by cutting your nails and shaving your facial hair, it is important to dress to impress and choose appropriate clothing for the right occasion or place.

Working with Oil Water Separators

The hazards of disaster continue to grow by the day as climate change and environmental degradation continue to spawn new natural threats to life and industry. This has made work in the sea one of the most hazardous professions there is. As it is, seafarers and vessels are regularly at risk due to storms cyclones and thunderstorms. They are also at risk from new from mechanical and electrical faults that may cause malfunctions and fires which, if it occurs during voyage, makes help due to the considerable distance from land support.

There is also the danger of chemical processes that can deteriorate ships and cause mechanical malfunctions.  Bilge water, dirty water that builds in a ship’s hull, is a common product of shipboard operations con often mix with sip through leaks in machineries such as diesel generators, air compressors, and the main propulsion engine. Bilge water are also those that come not just from rain or the sea but drain water or leftover water from the boilers, water collecting tanks, drinking water and other places where water cannot overflow or water that comes from other water drainage systems like the propulsion area of the ship where lubricants, fuel, solvents, anti-freeze, hydraulic and other fluid and cleaning chemicals drain into the engine room bilges in small quantities.  Although there are already modern gadgets such as alarms and automatic closure devices that are activated when the oil storage content of the waste water exceeds a certain limit, the dangers of oil and water leaks are constant dangers that have to be prevented early on. And as a water treatment procedure, it is important to properly drain water before discharging it back into the sea to avoid environmental contamination.

For this purpose, ship machineries are equipped with oily  or oil water separator, which as its name implies, is a device designed to separate oil and water and prevent mixture than can damage engines and other machine parts. Although they are also used in oil refineries, chemical and gas-processing plants to separate gross amounts of oil and suspended solids from waste water effluents, oil separators are more widely and commonly used in the marine industry and are found on board ships for processing oily waste water.

The standards for oil water separator are set by the American Petroleum Institute which require individual separators to be free of contaminants like lubricating oil, cleaning product, soot from combustion, fuel oil, rust, sewage, and several chemicals or residues that can be harmful to the ocean. All oily water separator must also be capable of purifying type C oil or heavily emulsified oil. To measure this, oil separators are equipped with tamper-proof oil content monitors (OCM). These OCM takes a trickle sample from the oil separator overboard discharge line and analyzes the sample through an optical sensor. A change in signal at the sensor will indicate the presence of oil and if the signal reaches 15 ppm, the sensor will conclude that there is too much oil going through the discharge line and therefore unsafe for discharge. Due to the sensitive nature of the OCM and the equally sensitive nature of waste water treatment, OCM’s are precisely calibrated in special laboratories and shops and if found to be sampling a certain amount of heavy oil, it is flushed and thoroughly cleaned.

Travels and Rewards

Right now, probably one of the best things your boss can tell you to actually be more encouraged is that when you perform well, you would be given gifts, right? But we are already tired with the usual souvenirs.


Sometimes, when we do really well, we are given cash. That is so cool, right? Who doesn’t want that? But then sometimes you wouldn’t know how to spend all it right?


Other employers have already cope with the latest trend in travelling. That is why right now, they are giving away incentive trips. Yes, that is correct! An incentive is in the form of a travel package as companies nowadays look into the benefits of giving their employees vacation as encouragement.


According to most studies and articles made by the.young professionals for fellow young professionals, travelling gives people  different perspective when it comes to work and gives them a fresher and more active approach towards work after their return.


In addition to that, travelling gives employees a sense of fulfillment. It adds to their confidence.


Now, if you would ask, why would travelling be so enticing to employees? First, you need to understand that if there is anything people want to do, that is to be off for a day or two from work. But that cannot always be given a chance. Why? Aside from paperwork that might pile up, they would need to ask for permission and they need to consider that they would need to seek for permission.  And even if they are able to file for a vacation leave, this is still subject for approval.


But regardless if their leave would be approved, they would need extra money to pay for the fare and other expenses. Well, though travelling can be relaxing, it can also be a bit stressing in that aspect. Thus, it becomes a frustration.


However, if employers could tap into that frustration and turn that into motivation, then not only they are encouraging employees to do better, but they are also giving them something to look forward to and once they are awarded with this, then they get happier and more rejuvenated.


So, if you are employer that seeks better binding, then this type of incentive program might help boost not just the performance aspect of an employee’s job, but may also improve the collaboration and team bonding.


But how do you do this? Of course, it would be difficult if a boss would just plan travels in his own right? Not just searching for your own flight and hotel booking might end up getting the most pricey tickets or reservations. It may also be a bit challenging to put together a travel itinerary. Especially, if the place is foreign to you and your colleagues. How would you know  where to go and how to go?


So, the best solution? That is to hire a travel partner! But not just any other partner, you might want to consider hiring the services of a certified travel agent. Not only they have the nose for discounts, they also can come up with specific packages that are affordable for you.

Different Ways to Relax and Relive Some Stress at Home

Doctors and health experts agree and concur that stress is the worst silent killer out there because studies and researches show that if the stress levels of people reach unprecedented heights and burst through the roof, their immune system plummets straight to the cold, hard ground below. This leaves stressed out people more susceptible and vulnerable to insidious viruses and bacteria that penetrates the chinks in their natural body armor and attacks them from the inside because their immune system is down and out for the count. And this can really cause massive health problems as they succumb to sickness and diseases which, in turn, puts their entire family at risk because a sick person inside the house can spread the virus and infect others folks around in just a matter of minutes.

And that is why people should always eat healthy food especially fruits and vegetables, exercise and work out a few times every week in the local gym on a regular basis as well as have enough hours of great sleep everyday with the help of their very own memory pillow Singapore so that their minds and bodies can recharge and recuperate. And most importantly, they should also take some time off from work every now and then, unload the heavy burden that they carry on their weary shoulders, take a deep breath and relieve some of the pent-up stress that has been gnawing at them because the pressure can push them over the edge and make them burst like a fragile bubble.  Continue reading “Different Ways to Relax and Relive Some Stress at Home”

Tips for growing SMEs and aspiring entrepreneurs

In this generation’s business industry, it may be hard to cope with the fast changes in the economy.

In this generation’s business industry, it may be hard to cope with the fast changes in the economy. In Singapore, small to medium enterprises or even entrepreneurs, may find it quite hard to produce funds for the capital of the business. They can, however, get grants from the government or other funding sources as long as they are eligible for it. Grants can be a huge help for these entities to get the business a good jump start since they can allocate spend their capital to a different and more vital part of the business. That is just one good way of gathering all possible sources that a business can get, to which will prove beneficial for its growth.

There are also other means as to what SMEs or an entrepreneur can do which can be efficient in reaching their set goals.  Continue reading “Tips for growing SMEs and aspiring entrepreneurs”

Reasons Why You Should be Getting A Travel Insurance Now

Travel 3

There are so many rational and significant reasons why you should get a travel insurance now—whether you are travelling frequently or would only go on domestic or international trips on rare occasions. Your safety should always come first and that is the prime reason why travel insurance companies exist. Marga Shallom, who admittedly shared that it took her a while to get her own travel insurance despite being an executive of a travel agency who happens to go abroad several times a year, said she made a very thorough and long comparison of travel insurance firms before she finally entrusted her account to one company, “ The only time I changed my mind about getting a travel insurance was when my best friend had a major accident while she was touring Prague. It took her a while to contact us back home, and she was so scared to travel again. It was at that moment that I searched for all those brochures that were sent to my office and I started to compare travel insurance services.”  Continue reading “Reasons Why You Should be Getting A Travel Insurance Now”

Benefits of International Calling Cards When Travelling

Communicating with people back home whenever you are out of the country can be a little costly. In most cases, making global calls can put a huge dent on your travel budget. This is why it would be more ideal if you will purchase a few international calling cards to help you spend less whenever you have to make an international call.

Whenever you plan to travel to a different country, it would be a good idea to purchase prepaid calling cards once you reach your destination so you can easily make a call back home or call someone from another part of the world. This will be better than changing your usual SIM card to your destination’s local network to avoid the skyrocketing charges when using your mobile provider’s international roaming option.

Most international calling service provider nowadays will allow you to call from any parts of the globe just about any landline or mobile phone using your favourite device. It can also be used by various Internet apps like Skype or Google Voice which normally put a minimum charge on top of an Internet connection. With the help of prepaid international calling cards, you can easily call back your family, your friends, colleagues, or staff anytime you like without worrying about the usually expensive rates.  Continue reading “Benefits of International Calling Cards When Travelling”