The Truth About Those Stubborn Acne

Our troubles and immaturity from our teen years are long gone: we’ve gotten over our insecurities, half of our goals we’ve already reached, and somehow, we are stable financially, emotionally, socially—but for some reason, when you look into the mirror, you are reminded of the breakouts you used to have when you were 16 because they have left several acne scars on your face that are screaming for some treatment. And now that you are older, you know your skin is less able to heal and recover, “Aging causes our skin to be less elastic and weaker. When we were younger, an acne wound can heal in just less than 2 weeks, but now that we are over 30, we need to exert extra effort to help our skin bring back its natural glow,” said Dr. Emma Parsons, a dermatologist who has done several successful acne scar treatment to her patient over the years in Singapore.  Continue reading “The Truth About Those Stubborn Acne”